What was the worst place you’ve traveled to?

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Ooh, that’s a toughy. There aren’t too many bad places. Even if the place appears lame in some way shape or form it is still new. But I think the worst one would probably be Atikokan. View Larger Map Only because I was there at lunch time, on a weekday no less, and nothing was open. And there were tons of people out on the street corners staring at me because I was a stranger. Read More

Do you have any scars on your body? If so, how’d you get them?

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I have a few. The most obvious one is on my stomach. It’s my appy scar. I have one faint one on my right forearm which is from when I fell on some rocks at 12 or 13. There’s one between my left index and middle fingers which has possibly my best story ever behind it. I have a tiny one on my forehead from when I was a little kid and ran head first into some bricks (yes, I know, it explains a lot). Read More

What song do you want played at your funeral?

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At one time I thought I wanted “In the Light” by Led Zeppelin. I was a teenager. Now, if I were to have a funeral (and I don’t want one, I want a wake, if anything), I think FNM’s “Just a Man” would be pretty rad. I don’t think I could pick just one song though. And it’s all irrelevant, as I want a green burial with no ceremony (and no religion, dammit). Read More

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?

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Regret is a poison. That being said, do you mean which calendar year, or do you mean which year by my age? I’ll go with the latter, as I am an egomaniac. I obviously do not wish to go back in time, if that were even physically possible. But if I had a gun to my head and had to answer this question despite these qualms, I would say probably my 22nd year, because it was a lot of fun but also productive, things that are sometimes mutually exclusive. I don’t have many regrets about this year. I was probably Read More

Riley Haas’ Earliest Memory

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What’s your earliest memory? I think (though I’m not sure), it’s of the gymn either in my first elementary school or my primary elementary school. There was a time when we thought it was a tap in my grand-parents’ old house when I was one or something but I think that was my mom mentioning it in the past that I was remembering, since I remember nothing else from that age (and who would?) Read More

About last night…

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So there’s this folk singer. Steve something. Can’t remember his last name. He does covers and his own songs. I ask him if he’ll play some Neil Young. And he does. He plays “Mr. Soul”. I am happy. But he says Young didn’t write it. He says he just sang it. He says Stephen Stills wrote it. I tell him Young wrote it. He directs me to this older man at a table who is apparently the source of this information. The man tells me he knows for a fact that Stills wrote the song. Now, I think I know Read More


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So I was out to dinner tonight with the grandparents. The waitress was hitting on me pretty hard. I guess because I appeared to be single because there I was on Valentine’s Day with my grandparents and no date. I didn’t know what to do. My parents seemed to be looking at me as if I should in some way be responding to the flirtations. Even if I was available, someone who says “yous” because they think it’s the plural of “you” isn’t really up my alley, yous know? But I’m sure I could have handled it better than my Read More


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You must understand I’ve never done this before. I’ve never had a prepaid cell until these last 60 days. So I let it run down a little too far. There’s like a minute left. Here’s my pickle: if I call them, it runs down and I lose the deal they gave me. When I go online, I cannot access my account; I just get a blank page. On the “how to top up a prepaid phone” help page on the website, I am given two options: use my account page or call on my phone. I want to give these Read More

Accidental Work Remixes

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Lately I have started listening to music at work for the first time in a long time. I have done this partly because I have been encouraged to do so (I don’t know why), partly because I was working longer hours (and I needed to, if you know what I mean), and partly because everyone else listens to music (jumping off that cliff…). I’ve found that the balance on my computer is totally screwed up. It takes out an instrument or two, and it seems not to matter whether it’s bass or treble or whatever. Sometimes the bass and drums Read More

Hey rich dude,

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Instead of spending $120,000 on that dress for your wife, why not make someone’s life better? Even giving $5,000 to someone could change a life (in this case 24 lives). Or, better yet, give me the $120,000 (or give me $100,000 and buy your wife a $20,000 dress) so I can spend it on self-publishing a book and making short films based on 1960s rock music (read: unauthorized music videos). But don’t buy that dress. Read More

If I were dictator…

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Not only would I use national resources to make movies and music, and name the days of the week and months of the year after my family (as I have no doubt mentioned before), but I would eliminate cell phones. But my real insight, the reason for this post, comes to me from a terrible Bruce Campbell movie (and really, what insights don’t come from Bruce Campbell movies?): if I were dictator I would chop off the thumbs of all my enemies. Think about it, what can you do if you don’t have thumbs? You can’t rebel. Read More

Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon this

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But here is more proof (if you needed it) that the world is full of (culture) idiots: http://www.tv.com/shows/topshows.html?pop=1&tag=subnav;top_shows According to this, Heroes is the greatest TV show of all time. It isn’t one of the best of its era. But Prison Break at number 2 is the real insult. At least Heroes isn’t entirely brainless. Prison Break doesn’t even qualify as mediocre. I write this while taking a brief break from attending TIFF. What does that make me? A giant snob, me thinks. Read More


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I don’t like being 27. What have I done with my life? I guess I was on some kind of pace up until I graduated from graduate school. Since then things have slowed down and I don’t feel like I’m moving forwards. I guess this happens when you undertake something you’re unsure of. Still, it is annoying to feel doubt. Once I knew what I was doing. Now, not so much. Read More

Sashimi salad

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I can’t quite remember the name of it, Hae Dop Bap or something, but I had an amazing dish Monday night. It was basically a sashimi salad. There were 3 or 4 kinds of raw fish, plus salmon roe. There was a base of lettuce, with sliced cucumber and mango, and the whole thing was shaped like a bell tent. The roe was on the top, topped with shredded beet and that Japanese vegetable that I don’t know the name of that often accompanies sashimi. Also there was shredded carrot in the salad too. You got a bowl of rice, Read More


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“What are these sausages doing in the freezer? I didn’t buy them! There’s only 2/3 of the pack left…” “I have no idea, I didn’t but them either…You do the shopping, after all.” “Who would freeze 2/3rds of a pack of sausages?” “Not me!” “Well, how did they get here?” “I told you, I have no idea.” “Well, they must have got here somehow.” “Maybe Joan bought them…” “But why would they be in our freezer?” “I have no idea! Maybe she put them in there by accident” “Joan didn’t buy them! They’re not Joan’s sausages!” “You don’t know that…” Read More


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So I didn’t write about this last week, I guess because I didn’t have much time on le net. I went to an…’ancestral’ lets call it…cottage on Bob’s Lake (that’s near Sharbot Lake…that’s 40 min or so north of Kingston) last weekend. We used to spend a fair amount of time up there when I was a kid. My dad eventually sold his share (which I was sore about for a while) and I have only been back three times (last weekend, two summers ago for about an hour, and on the way back from Bishop’s one spring, for about Read More

The Mussel Mystery

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So, my limited research about the freshwater mussel has led me to find that indeed there are “small freshwater mussels” in the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin regions. But the thing is, the mussels I found were not in any way “small,” (for example, they were probably 15-20 times the size of the zebra mussels I have seen), they were completely gutted out as if they had been eaten and filled with sand as if they had sat there for ever, and further the lake appeared devoid of large life. It’s still a mystery to me. Read More

Some random stuff

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More than a week ago I caught an episode of On the Lot (or as much of it as I could stand). It is Spielberg over Kubrick (that is, the populist over the auteur). No, it’s far worse than that. It’s Michael Bay, or even Gary Marshall. How anyone thinks this process could detect real artistic talent is beyond me. And now for this week’s stuff: I saw an NBA finals ad earlier this week, that focused on the Spurs and the Pistons. I guess it was made before the Cavs came back. I guess someone fucked up. Maybe the Read More

Just to make this public

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As a 25 year old, it may seem odd, me thinking about death. But it’s been on my mind. So, any funeral / memorial / whatever must be nowhere near a church/religious place/cemetery connected with a church, if it is I shall smite the organizers I would like to donate my organs, but for some reason I never got the organ donor thing with my license if pull the plug is an option, pull the fucking plug I want a green burial (i.e. in s shroud rather than a coffin off in some purchased bit of nature so I can Read More

Almost had my first major accident…

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I guess I can’t say first accident since I did drove into a snow bank last winter… So, I just dropped my dad off at the airport. I’m entering the 401 collectors and I’m wanting to stay in them so that I can exit onto the 403 (you know, at that weird exit that only advertises the 403 in addition to the 410 at the last moment) to come back to Hamilton. So a bunch of us are in the right lane. I merge into the next lane to my left when I see that my lane is ending. So Read More

And the boycott comes to an end…

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My Blockbuster boycott of the last 5 years or so (excluding video games apparently) is coming to an end this summer. Why? I originally began boycotting Blockbuster when they decided to sell all their old movies (or throw them out) and focus only on having 100 copies of America’s Sweethearts. Well, since that movie wasn’t out at the start, that’s not technically true. But you get the idea. However, I entered a Blockbuster on the urging of a friend the other day and, to my surprise, they had a whole bunch of movies that they never would have stocked even Read More

Saturday…for lack of a better title

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In the cd player: nothing, it’s too early I was planning on catching the 9:37 bus. Apparently my mom wants to come pick me up. This changes things substantially. I could have slept in. Oh well. I had no intention of going out last night. But I did. So why? Because Jenny’s friend, who’s been here twice before, was up and I have to say that I find her somewhat attractive. The way I’ve behaved around her in the past hasn’t been great either…I sat with her at a football game last semester and spent ages talking to the guy Read More

Valentine’s Day & The Corporation (2003, Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbot)

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In the CD player: nothing cuz it’s far too early. I watched The Corporation yesterday. Interesting and entertaining documentary. I don’t necessarily agree with the filmmakers about everything, but it was worth watching. Personally, I don’t think direct democracy will help us much (it will certainly make it harder to protect rights.). It seems to me a major problem is the definition of a corporation as a person. Another issue is making life property. Anyway, I’ll leave it to the anti-globalization activists to discuss. The consistent ones. If I haven’t mentioned this before, people who scream about corporations but buy Read More