Jason Bourne (2016, Paul Greengrass)

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Why there’s another Bourne movie I don’t know. This one hits all the marks you’d expect: Bourne is mad at the CIA and is taking some kind of action, there’s someone on inside helping him out (actually 2 people, but whatever). The cast is too good for the material, as is usual with these films, and Greengrass does a good job with a plot that gets dumber and dumber as it goes on. SPOILERS! Read More

The Bourne Legacy (2012, Tony Gilroy)

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I’m torn. On the one hand we have a film that features excellent car chases and excellent CGI-less stunts and, on a completely different note, a fantastic understanding of bureaucracy (even if such bureaucracy doesn’t actually exist) which adds a great deal of realism to a story that isn’t realistic. The acting is also believable on all accounts. On the other hand, the story is an absolute mess, and the filmmakers rely way too much on the previous film in the series for their ideas and for the film itself (which is, of course, the bigger problem; especially if, like Read More

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007, Paul Greengrass)

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This is definitely the least effective for the series to date. It has a strong sense of “we’ve seen this before” and the excessive use of flashbacks (including both new and old footage) doesn’t help that at all. There is an absolutely awesome car chase in the middle, but much of the rest of it feels rehashed from the first two. Some of this is undoubtedly the fault of the source material (once you’ve read one Ludlum you’ve probably read them all) but I feel like a little more could have been done to make some kind of new step Read More