Lenny Kravitz stealing more recent material?

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Yes, we all know it. Even people who like him. Lenny Kravitz rips off classic rock music. However, I’m not sure I’ve personally noticed something so blatant as for “Bring it On” (which may be his new single). The chorus, to my ears, appears to be musically the same as the chorus of “Freedom Run” by Kyuss. So I guess as the years go by, he’s ripping off stuff from other decades. Read More

More Best of 2007

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So I left off at least two albums from my little summary, the first was the eponymous debut of Grinderman (if that was really a debut, given that it’s just Nick Cave and some of the Bad Seeds), and Ambassador by Elliot Brood. The first, I must say, is good, but I don’t know that it deserves a place on my list, I’m not sure. I like it, but it’s hardly earth-shattering, and I really think Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus is pretty tough to top anyway. And I just haven’t given Ambassador enough time. I don’t know why, Read More

Two other things about the end of the year…

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First, I forgot to mention two albums I think I should have bought, and so would be better suited to make a best-of list: New Seasons by the Sadies and Battles Battles: Apparently prog is back, and not shitty neo-prog “I wish it were the early 70s again” nonsense but prog as in progressive. I keep meaning to buy this but I always forget when I am in a record store. Why do I mention it? Best pop / rock album of the year according to Exclaim! Sadies: New Seasons I’ve been meaning to buy a Sadies album for about Read More

Stuff I didn’t post earlier

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I sent some emails around trying to generate discussion earlier. They didn’t. So here’s the content so maybe somebody somewhere will get in an argument with me. Rolling Stone’s Top 20 New Guitarists John Mayer – I have to say, when I’ve seen him in a strict blues environment, I’ve liked what I saw. But honestly he likes the pop too much. Derek Trucks – I know you probably love this, Bill. John Fruciante (RHCP) – he’s talented but he seriously isn’t anywhere near top 20 in the world. I can’t understand this. Luther Dickinson – I have never heard Read More

I know better but I can’t help myself

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Lists from sights like Sympatico / MSN should never be trusted, and yet I can’t help noticing such lists and getting angry. I really should ignore them. If I ignore them, they will go away. Oh well. Top Canadian Albums: 1. Harvest by Neil Young I love Neil, he is amazing. But this isn’t anywhere near his best album. There are at least 5 I can think of off the top of my head that are heads and shoulders better. Such a selection is idiotic (whether from this list of that new book that’s out now) because it picks the Read More

On Listicles

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The past few days I’ve seen a few nutty lists on msn / simpatico or simpatico / msn or whatever the hell that site is called. One was “Top 10 Greatest Summer Songs” or something. Another was “The Best Albums of 1967” 40 years after the fact, or something. And another was “Canada’s Best Beaches” or something. You may ask, why? Why was I on this site? Well, when I exit hotmail: tada!  And, I love my lists, as you know. These lists are examples of three things that drive many people nuts about the “popularization” of “knowledge” via the internet, if we can Read More

Evil Dead: the Musical

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It’s amazing. You should really see it if you live in TO. And you should sit in the splatter zone. And you should wear white (I didn’t…the blood looks purple on my blue shirt). I think I might have to buy the soundtrack. It is extremely cheesey, self-aware, satirical and all the finer things in life. Plus, there’s the whole blood thing. And, sitting in the front row, one of the actors took off my glasses and threatened to eat (?) me. My friends claimed it was a striptease… It was a lot of fun. Then we went out for Read More

Loose Change

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For one thing, apparently Erlewine has changed his tune. I remember a ways back, in his review of Songs for the Deaf (which they gave 4.5/5 anyway), STE made the bizarre analogy of White Stripes as Stones, QOTSA as King Crimson (right…) and though we may like SFTD, it was not “real” or “true” rock like the White Stripes. As fans of both bands, I found this just somewhat bizarre. Anyway, his current review of Era Vulgaris is interesting in this regard, as he claims it is the best rock album of the year so far (this being before the Read More

Burn the Witch

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I’ve only listened to it twice, but I’m really not liking the new Queens of the Stone Age single. That puts me in a dilemma about Tuesday. It sounds like (though it may not be true) they’ve gone a little pro tools happy. And it generally sounds more ‘synthesized’ or ‘synthetic’ which is something that doesn’t appeal to me. Seeing you be Read More

I’ve got this many things to do this year…

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I can’t remember the lines from that Kevin McDonald skit from KITH, so I won’t try. Gottta see: Zodiac, the new Lynch film, the new Coens film, the new PT Anderson film, the new Wes Anderson film, others no doubt Gotta acquire: the new Wilco album, the now not as new Scott Walker album, and others no doubt. The Survival of the Sickest sounds interesting but I have too many books to read. Is there anything else I should be looking into? Read More

Hawkwind is the Prog-rock version of the Ramones or AC/DC

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So I’ve heard some Hawkwind before today. But I got to sift through some of their catalogue. Most of their songs (especially from the 1970-75 era) all follow the same format: some kind of riff that continues for ages with various things going on, then a climax and another riff (or two) and some soloing, followed by the original riff again…or something along those lines. These songs range from 4 to 15 minutes (usually around 6-8 minutes) and there are the occasional 1-2 minute pieces which are either weird little instrumentals or the band members talking about space. Wow, it’s Read More

Zaireeka (1997) by the Flaming Lips

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In the CD players (this time around): 2 of the four discs of Zaireeka by the Flaming Lips. In case you don’t know, the album is 4 separate discs of the same “songs” and you are supposed to create your own listening experience using 2, 3 or 4 discs played at certain times. Right now I have disc 1 and 2 going slightly off, it’s pretty rid-damn-diculous. Incidentally, the theory is you will never once repeat a playing because each CD player is different. Who knows? It’s pretty crazy to hear one piano chord (obviously distorted by something) from one Read More

The Lamerific Ideas continue incessantly…

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Ok, so today, to procrastinate I thought about composing a song to tune of Neil Young’s “Helpless” with the following chorus lyric: “…leaves me carless, carless, carless.” Yes, I totally suck at everything. So yeah, after 3 months (for some reason I’ve been telling myself it’s only been 2) I had to give the car back today. On the upside of things it means my dad can drive again. But no car is definitely weird. I was just saying to him on the way here (Hamilton) that it felt weird being in the Sorrento and not driving. Ah well, I Read More

Why it’s good when bands break up or have lots of side projects…

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In the CD player: King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime by FNM (yes, I know…) I was just thinking, it’s amazing the number of other bands and artists and various other people I’ve been exposed to because of one band I really like. For example: Mr. Bungle I don’t really remember why I first bought their debut album. Certainly, I think I was fairly young. I must have bought it for “The Girls of Porn.” Anyway, not only did the album significantly expand what I thought could be considered music (they’re more chaotic than prog rock…) but I Read More

Friday night

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I’ve given up on my essay for today and I’m drinking “Austria’s Finest Beer” I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd a lot today and I can’t help thinking how great a guitarist David Gilmour is. Yes, there are far better guitarists in terms of say speed or innovation, but I think few rock guitarists rival his tone, aside from Clapton. It’s just ridiculous. And his solos are always exactly what the song / soundscape needs. While I’m on that, despite all The Wall‘s faults, Bob Ezrin is a brilliant producer. If you can fault The Wall, you can because of Read More

The Black Cat (1934, Edgar G. Ulmer)

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In the CD player: nothing…but I’m listening to Faith No More’s cover of Burt Bacharach’s “This Guy’s in Love.” I just bought Peel Slowly and See, the Velvet Underground’s boxed set for only $50, tax included. I’m super happy. Even though I really shouldn’t have spent the money. Watched The Black Cat. It’s pretty crazy for its time (1934). There are some cool angles and cuts. The hero isn’t really all good. Interesting but not for anyone who doesn’t like 1930s movies. 8/10 Guess I don’t have much to say about anything right now. Reading Week has basically started (though Read More


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My computer pissed me off last night. So far I’m okay with it today. Maybe not my computer. Rather certain things that happened with my computer (whether it was to blame or not). In the CD player: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. I’m on a jazz kick. Had some Coltrane on last night. This morning, Dave Brubeck. Life is good. Today I’m gonna try and do some more reading. But certain movies may become available and then reading will become less of a priority. I’ve decided today should be the day I try to make a pickle brine based Read More

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974, Sam Peckinpah)

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In the CD player: Live at the BBC by (Peter Green’s) Fleetwood Mac. People only seem to know the famous, crappy Fleetwood Mac. It’s a shame since they were originally a fantastic band. It’s good to hear them live. I wish Canadian radio featured live or recorded live performances. It would be cool. They’re pretty eclectic on this set, though it does collect performances over the course of three or four years. I watched Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia yesterday. This is a film that many people have said is shit while Ebert has maintained it as a Read More

The American Friend (1977, Wim Wenders)

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Just watched The American Friend. I didn’t realize this, but Ripley’s Game that movie with John Malkovich that didn’t do swell, and the former movie are based on the same book. It’s quite interesting. Wenders doesn’t explain a lot of the backstory and there’s a real sense of randomness, which I think is something not always emphasized in film noirs (it’s often quite the opposite). Dennis Hopper is Ripley and he’s quite different than the one version of Tom Ripley I had in my mind before (Matt Damon). The star is actually German, Bruno Ganz. I’ve seen him in other Read More

Trip (1999) by Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew

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In the CD player: Trip by Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew I now remember why I don’t listen to this CD at all…he puts on a good show in a small bar. But wow, he’s so unoriginal it’s not funny. Every bridge or break and most of his lyrics are Beatles, Santana or Zep cliches. Some songs sound directly lifted from classics (the drum solo that’s one of the bonus tracks is pretty much Starr’s solo from “The End”). Anyway, he’s just brutal. I’m glad I bought this from them at a show so I feel like it’s charity. Read More

We care a lot…

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Just had to mention…”Do They Know it’s Christmas?” or whatever the hell it’s called is the worst song ever!!! The hypocrisy of it is just maddening. I bet the line Bono sings “Well thank God it’s them instead of you” could only have been sung by him because no one else is that self-righteous. I’m not usually a pre-Mike Patton FMN fan but their parody / attack of “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” and other celebrity aid songs, “We Care a Lot,” is worth listening to. As much as their old lead singer (Chuck Mosley I think) wasn’t very good, Read More

Rock of the harder persuasion…but not metallic

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So I’m working on my takehome for Nationalism. So far it’s going well. Over half done and it’s due Fri afternoon. In the CD player: Back in Black by AC/DC…earlier: Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion by the Gunners. “Given the Dog a Bone” has got to be one of the funniest songs about blow jobs ever: “She’ll take you down easy, going down to her knees” “She’s using her head again” “I’ve just given the dog a bone” The whole album’s great for that really. “Let Me Put My Love into You” is playing right now. That’s subtle. Read More

Random things

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So Shatner has a new album. This is a momentus occasion in rock history! It’s soooooo good! Well, I don’t know if the album is, but the fact that he released a second one is just super cool. Oh it’s so cool. Parliament’s starting up. It drives me nuts that the government was able to form (and act) without some kind of affirmation of their power by the parliament. I really hate our system. Martin should not have been allowed to go to the GG (why the hell do we still have one anyway??? don’t give me that tradition bullshit!) Read More