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So, we just got our new students at work. We get students every summer. They help us out. It is a good thing. Some of them have worked with us before, others not. Sometime last week (I don’t remember what day) one of the new students said hello to me as if she knew me. I couldn’t place her. I figured she must have helped my department a day or two last summer. I really had no idea who she was but I figured that was a reasonable explanation. I think I smiled back a little (I can’t see my Read More

What was your worst dating experience ever? Yes I want details :op

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Um, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a terrible date. I think I’ve probably given a girl or two a terrible date experience but I have never gone away from something thinking “that was terrible.” I did have one which was totally utterly pointless because there was no reason for me to be there. But it wasn’t like it was painfully awkward or anything. The girl was a hip-hop-listening business student. I did sort of ask myself, “how did this happen exactly?” Another time I tried to date this girl who a friend assured me was “gorgeous” (I have Read More

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?

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Regret is a poison. That being said, do you mean which calendar year, or do you mean which year by my age? I’ll go with the latter, as I am an egomaniac. I obviously do not wish to go back in time, if that were even physically possible. But if I had a gun to my head and had to answer this question despite these qualms, I would say probably my 22nd year, because it was a lot of fun but also productive, things that are sometimes mutually exclusive. I don’t have many regrets about this year. I was probably Read More

About last night…

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So there’s this folk singer. Steve something. Can’t remember his last name. He does covers and his own songs. I ask him if he’ll play some Neil Young. And he does. He plays “Mr. Soul”. I am happy. But he says Young didn’t write it. He says he just sang it. He says Stephen Stills wrote it. I tell him Young wrote it. He directs me to this older man at a table who is apparently the source of this information. The man tells me he knows for a fact that Stills wrote the song. Now, I think I know Read More


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So I was out to dinner tonight with the grandparents. The waitress was hitting on me pretty hard. I guess because I appeared to be single because there I was on Valentine’s Day with my grandparents and no date. I didn’t know what to do. My parents seemed to be looking at me as if I should in some way be responding to the flirtations. Even if I was available, someone who says “yous” because they think it’s the plural of “you” isn’t really up my alley, yous know? But I’m sure I could have handled it better than my Read More

Personal Sports Hierarchies

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I regularly wonder why tv and league executives make the programming decisions they do. For example, the baseball game today is at 8, and there is no other baseball throughout the day. That is awfully late for a “weeknight,” especially given how late last night’s game went (not that I’m predicting another 13-inning contest). The only reason I can think of to hold the game this late is related to the football schedule (it certainly isn’t related to the weather, as it’s supposed to get colder and rainier in Philly as the day progresses). I guess baseball believes that holding Read More

If I were dictator…

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Not only would I use national resources to make movies and music, and name the days of the week and months of the year after my family (as I have no doubt mentioned before), but I would eliminate cell phones. But my real insight, the reason for this post, comes to me from a terrible Bruce Campbell movie (and really, what insights don’t come from Bruce Campbell movies?): if I were dictator I would chop off the thumbs of all my enemies. Think about it, what can you do if you don’t have thumbs? You can’t rebel. Read More


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I don’t like being 27. What have I done with my life? I guess I was on some kind of pace up until I graduated from graduate school. Since then things have slowed down and I don’t feel like I’m moving forwards. I guess this happens when you undertake something you’re unsure of. Still, it is annoying to feel doubt. Once I knew what I was doing. Now, not so much. Read More


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“What are these sausages doing in the freezer? I didn’t buy them! There’s only 2/3 of the pack left…” “I have no idea, I didn’t but them either…You do the shopping, after all.” “Who would freeze 2/3rds of a pack of sausages?” “Not me!” “Well, how did they get here?” “I told you, I have no idea.” “Well, they must have got here somehow.” “Maybe Joan bought them…” “But why would they be in our freezer?” “I have no idea! Maybe she put them in there by accident” “Joan didn’t buy them! They’re not Joan’s sausages!” “You don’t know that…” Read More

Just to make this public

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As a 25 year old, it may seem odd, me thinking about death. But it’s been on my mind. So, any funeral / memorial / whatever must be nowhere near a church/religious place/cemetery connected with a church, if it is I shall smite the organizers I would like to donate my organs, but for some reason I never got the organ donor thing with my license if pull the plug is an option, pull the fucking plug I want a green burial (i.e. in s shroud rather than a coffin off in some purchased bit of nature so I can Read More

“Food” and “It took them long enough”

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In the CD player: The Violent Femmes I tend to think of cooking as a creative process. And I like to be spontaneous about it quite often. Planning meals out in advance and telling me what recipe I am going to make takes away most of the enjoyment for me. Methinks I will have to have a talk with the parents about this. “You’re making beef stir-fry Wednesday night” (and it’s always Wednesday, why???) doesn’t really inspire me to cook. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. Just not when it’s mandated. I can’t believe it took the opposition Read More

Almost had my first major accident…

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I guess I can’t say first accident since I did drove into a snow bank last winter… So, I just dropped my dad off at the airport. I’m entering the 401 collectors and I’m wanting to stay in them so that I can exit onto the 403 (you know, at that weird exit that only advertises the 403 in addition to the 410 at the last moment) to come back to Hamilton. So a bunch of us are in the right lane. I merge into the next lane to my left when I see that my lane is ending. So Read More

American Movie (1999, Chris Smith) & Me

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My dad keeps telling me I have a remarkably strong sense of self and that I’m very patient. He asked me yesterday if I ever get rattled. I used a whole tank of gas in two days. I was doing lots of chauffeuring. I just watched American Movie and as much as it was very funny it made me realize that I haven’t done anything with my life and my dreams are pretty much all empty, just like Mark’s dreams (Mark being the star of the film). Well, I’m just not driven enough to achieve any of mine, as far Read More

Hands on a Hard Body (1997, S.R. Bindler) Etc

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The other day I watched Hands on a Hard Body. It was an awesome movie. Here is the best moment of it: “It’s like a movie that I once saw. It’s called Highlander. In the end, there can only be one.” Why this is funny…no, why this is amazingly hilarious: Until that point in the movie, despite the contest itself, there is still a pretty serious tone. This guy was serious. He didn’t get the quote right, it’s : “There can be only one.” Apparently immortals having swordfights (for some reason I can’t remember) is the same as trying to Read More

Saturday…for lack of a better title

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In the cd player: nothing, it’s too early I was planning on catching the 9:37 bus. Apparently my mom wants to come pick me up. This changes things substantially. I could have slept in. Oh well. I had no intention of going out last night. But I did. So why? Because Jenny’s friend, who’s been here twice before, was up and I have to say that I find her somewhat attractive. The way I’ve behaved around her in the past hasn’t been great either…I sat with her at a football game last semester and spent ages talking to the guy Read More

Valentine’s Day & The Corporation (2003, Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbot)

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In the CD player: nothing cuz it’s far too early. I watched The Corporation yesterday. Interesting and entertaining documentary. I don’t necessarily agree with the filmmakers about everything, but it was worth watching. Personally, I don’t think direct democracy will help us much (it will certainly make it harder to protect rights.). It seems to me a major problem is the definition of a corporation as a person. Another issue is making life property. Anyway, I’ll leave it to the anti-globalization activists to discuss. The consistent ones. If I haven’t mentioned this before, people who scream about corporations but buy Read More


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Firstly, the party went very well. In the CD player: Help some charity album that some relative bought for me. Haven’t listened to it in ages, thought I’d give it a go. It’s various artists (all English I believe). I was at the union meeting last night. I was so angry at the end that I probably spent a total of two hours ranting to four different people about it on the phone. I don’t really talk on the phone. To begin the meeting, I was annoyed that our local had spent only 11 hours in conciliation. However, I was Read More

Last night, I was slightly ragified

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Last night, before I returned my dad’s car to his house (I had it for the past 6 days or so) I found out that the “Mac TAs” had voted in favour of a strike. Yet I do not know the voter turnout (though I know people who “forgot”…people don’t take anything seriously eh?…I mean I’ll joke about this strike thing, make fun of it, but you gotta vote…) and they won’t tell me the percentage of yes votes. That is to say, I don’t know how small a minority I’m in. If it comes down to it, I may Read More


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Holy shit! I totally forgot to tell you about what’s happening! There was a strike vote for the TAs last night (it continues through today and tomorrow)! I went to my first union meeting (for this particular CUPE) and then voted. I voted no. Here are some reasons why: We get paid double our tuition, which is nice. But I believe we are quite overpaid anyway. And I do little actual work. If there are other University employees who need money, maybe we should take a pay cut. Maybe we should take a pay cut to keep some of our Read More

Nerves and such

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Listening to Neil Young on my computer. I won’t rant about how awesome he is. The other day (Thursday!) when I went to pick up an essay for a class (worth 50% of my mark) I was more nervous about a mark than I have been in 3 or more years. I can’t remember really the last time I was so nervous about seeing a grade. So, being me, I had to think about why. I had a calculator to prove to myself that even if I just barely passed the assignment (that’s a 70 in grad school) I would Read More

On Self-Deprecation, addendum

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Um, I forgot to tell you the end. Because she reminded me of [redacted], we had virtually nothing in common, and she was pretty immature (and because she told her friends – not just the one there, and some of my friends – that I was gay) I pretty much ignored her. I would say hi when I saw her (though she’d deny this, she claimed I never said hi…she either never heard me or she’s an asshole) and that was it. I didn’t explain why I just stopped trying to talk to her. Probably should have told her. Whatever. Doesn’t Read More