The Us Dollar Coin

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For years I spread an urban legend that the US dollar coin had been unsuccessfully introduced in about 2002. I wasn’t doing this intentionally. A friend of mine told me a story where he had gone to a store in Vermont with new US dollar coins and the clerk had refused to honour honor them. And then I swear – swear – I saw a news story on the Burlington affiliate of one of the major networks that they were discontinued. Now it turns out that they were never discontinued, at least not in the sense that I thought they Read More

Gaspe Day 2: Saturday August 7

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12PM? 1 PM? 3 hour hike. 1 roll of film. 282 metres? + a tower. Took the roundabout way to the tower (clockwise, most appear to go counter-clockwise). Did the full loop but it is a less extreme climb. 6.5 km I think. I need to drink more water. I am going over to the south side. I have to drive because to hike over would have taken all day and I probably wouldn’t have made it back by nightfall. From here to Cap Gaspe it is 9.2 km. So I take that back. I would make it back but Read More

Gaspe Journal: Friday August 6

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Once again I feel like a foreigner in my own country. My inability / unwillingness to (re?) learn French makes me feel and act differently than I do in all other parts of Canada. I should just try to pass myself off as an American (which is only mostly a lie). I have forgotten a couple of key things: a water jug, a lamp, scissors [actually didn’t forget the scissors]. I couldn’t light a fire tonight to eat dinner. I am exposed as a fraud or I am very, very tired. This drive was totally insane. I should have listened Read More

What’s the worm pate story?

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So, I was on this hike on a tour of southwest Australia. We canoed up the Margaret River (that of the famous wine region) and we stopped for lunch. They provided lunch, and part of it was “bush tucker,” i.e. a supposedly authentic recreation of what southwest Australian aboriginals would have had as a diet back in the day. With one exception: worm pate. The reason the worms were in pate form is because they tried to serve them to people in the past in their dead, unprocessed form and supposedly nobody would ever try them. So someone came up Read More

The Ocean

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I have a strong and deep desire to go to the ocean. I haven’t been in over two years. I need the sea. I need it. I can’t explain why. Something about the expanse. Something about feeling like I’m at the end of the world. I need to go to the ocean. Maybe I need to live next to one. Maybe I should seriously consider that once I actually can pick where I want to live based on things beyond economy. Read More

What was the worst place you’ve traveled to?

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Ooh, that’s a toughy. There aren’t too many bad places. Even if the place appears lame in some way shape or form it is still new. But I think the worst one would probably be Atikokan. View Larger Map Only because I was there at lunch time, on a weekday no less, and nothing was open. And there were tons of people out on the street corners staring at me because I was a stranger. Read More

Best Books of the 20th Century – Non-Fiction

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I find it a lot harder to pick non-fiction. That’s why this list is shorter. I’ve also read lots of silly non-fiction over the years, that really isn’t very good. Hannah Arendt: The Human Condition; The Origins of Totalitarianism Albert Camus: The Rebel Jared Diamond: Guns, Germs, and Steel Victor Frankl: Man’s Search for Meaning Leszek Kolakowski: Main Currents of Marxism Runners-up: Hannah Arendt: On Revolution William Barrett: Irrational Man Bruce Chatwin: The Songlines Northrop Frye: The Educated Imagination Tony Horwitz: Confederates in the Attic Stanley Karnow: Vietnam Leszek Kolakowski: Modernity on Endless Trial Raymond B. Lech: All the Drowned Read More


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Last Saturday I was 1-1 and this Saturday I was 1-1 (and today I got the spread right for it too, I’m so awesome). But I’ve learned my lesson. I will now no longer underestimate the Cardinals. I will stop predicting they’re going to lose every weekend. But what reason do you have to believe me? I forgot to post my predictions. So I will now for tomorrow: Giants by 1 and the Chargers by 3. You heard it here first. Read More


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Two segments of NCAA analysis within twenty minutes, during a highlight and they don’t even get to show the games… This morning, I learned Trevor Linden perhaps played his last game as a Canuck. They showed him skating on the ice. They showed and mentioned Jarome Iginla and the Flames shaking his hand. Then they forgot to mention the score… The Score, TSN, and Sportsnet are hardly the last word in highlight shows (though I really enjoy the Score Tonight), but they are so far and away better than ESPN that it’s not even funny (and TSN has the same Read More

On Listicles

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The past few days I’ve seen a few nutty lists on msn / simpatico or simpatico / msn or whatever the hell that site is called. One was “Top 10 Greatest Summer Songs” or something. Another was “The Best Albums of 1967” 40 years after the fact, or something. And another was “Canada’s Best Beaches” or something. You may ask, why? Why was I on this site? Well, when I exit hotmail: tada!  And, I love my lists, as you know. These lists are examples of three things that drive many people nuts about the “popularization” of “knowledge” via the internet, if we can Read More

The Mussel Mystery

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So, my limited research about the freshwater mussel has led me to find that indeed there are “small freshwater mussels” in the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin regions. But the thing is, the mussels I found were not in any way “small,” (for example, they were probably 15-20 times the size of the zebra mussels I have seen), they were completely gutted out as if they had been eaten and filled with sand as if they had sat there for ever, and further the lake appeared devoid of large life. It’s still a mystery to me. Read More

Some random stuff

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More than a week ago I caught an episode of On the Lot (or as much of it as I could stand). It is Spielberg over Kubrick (that is, the populist over the auteur). No, it’s far worse than that. It’s Michael Bay, or even Gary Marshall. How anyone thinks this process could detect real artistic talent is beyond me. And now for this week’s stuff: I saw an NBA finals ad earlier this week, that focused on the Spurs and the Pistons. I guess it was made before the Cavs came back. I guess someone fucked up. Maybe the Read More

Road trip to………………

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Decatur, Illinois? That’s random. Yeah, so it looks like I’m quite possibly going to Decatur for less than a day. Drive there Tuesday. Sleep. Drive back Wednesday afternoon getting back to TO in middle of Wednesday night or something. Fun, eh? I think so…I’ve never been to Michigan or Illinois before. When I’m not driving, I’ll be able to see the sights (at least on the way there). This is instead of starting to look for a job. That sounds like a plan to me! Oh yeah, and apparently it won’t cost me any money either, which is sweet. Anyway, Read More