My computer pissed me off last night. So far I’m okay with it today. Maybe not my computer. Rather certain things that happened with my computer (whether it was to blame or not).

In the CD player: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. I’m on a jazz kick. Had some Coltrane on last night. This morning, Dave Brubeck. Life is good.

Today I’m gonna try and do some more reading. But certain movies may become available and then reading will become less of a priority. I’ve decided today should be the day I try to make a pickle brine based soup. But I really don’t know where to begin. I need to find something to mix with it. Maybe veggie stock? If you have any ideas, you should help me out.

A little part of me wishes I hadn’t made plans to go up north and I could go back to Lennoxville at reading week. However, I was there in Sept or Oct. It would still be fun. Since I have a car then it would be possible. But that’s a lot of driving. And unfortunately I should do some work and research over reading week. In fact, I should do some research today.

Hopefully I will get to go up north. That would be awesome. Doesn’t look like many people will come yet, though. Oh well.

I used to do this thing when I was younger: “Oh well, oh hell.” Just thought…you’d like to know. Sorry for that random reference to…what is it to? Guess!

Sometimes I amaze myself. The other night I went out for a beer (just a beer, I didn’t drink any more) and we were talking about a time when this girl’s friend came up. This girl (who was out for a beer too) said that her friend remarked that I was the only guy who had made an effort to include her while she was here. The girl said that she told her friend the other male MAs who had been there were scared of girls. I laughed. This is funny, I always thought I was the one who was scared of girls. Maybe I’m more normal than I think.

This all came out of discussion of my theory that eccentricity increases as you have more education. Only weird people do MAs. Only really really weird people do PhDs. This is why your professors are strange. I think it holds up reasonably well to empirical evidence. And I have followers now!

I guess that’s all for the time being.

Be seeing you.

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