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“Food” and “It took them long enough”

In the CD player: The Violent Femmes

I tend to think of cooking as a creative process. And I like to be spontaneous about it quite often. Planning meals out in advance and telling me what recipe I am going to make takes away most of the enjoyment for me. Methinks I will have to have a talk with the parents about this. “You’re making beef stir-fry Wednesday night” (and it’s always Wednesday, why???) doesn’t really inspire me to cook. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. Just not when it’s mandated.

I can’t believe it took the opposition parties so long to depose the government. Well, I can believe it. I just don’t want to. That was ridiculous. This should have happened two weeks ago at least.

So, now we all have to vote. And once again, I’m dispensing (unwanted) advice. You should have seen the faces of everyone on Sunday when Roy asked me for voting advice. People think I’m crazy. And I, being me, think I am totally right.

Vote minority. It’s still a negative vote – as much as I don’t like negative voting, I pretty much have to vote negatively right now – but this way you’re not voting for the Liberals. (Please, please, PLEASE don’t vote Liberal.) I think of it like this: if you vote for a minority party you like, everything is peachy; if you vote for a minority party you don’t like either a) they don’t get elected so you don’t have to worry or b) so few of them are elected that they can’t take over the government and embarrass you (or worse).

The benefits:

  • You don’t vote for the corrupt Liberals
  • You don’t vote for the (possibly) very dangerous Conservatives
  • You don’t vote for the NDP (they’ll spend like no one has spent before)
  • You don’t vote for the BLOQ…if you actually can…(and thereby don’t break up the country)

If lots of people do this we end up with a minority coalition that is made up of more than just two parties – instead of our past minority, where won party acted like it had a majority with very little successful objection by the other member – and this results in:

I know I’m an idealist, I can’t help it.

Vote (insert minority party here)! And enjoy the campaign (by that I mean: laugh at the politicians on at least a daily basis).

Be seeing you.

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