Hey rich dude,

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Instead of spending $120,000 on that dress for your wife, why not make someone’s life better? Even giving $5,000 to someone could change a life (in this case 24 lives). Or, better yet, give me the $120,000 (or give me $100,000 and buy your wife a $20,000 dress) so I can spend it on self-publishing a book and making short films based on 1960s rock music (read: unauthorized music videos). But don’t buy that dress. Read More

I love the media

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You know how TV networks won’t stoop so low as to show fans running on the field? I mean, how dare they endorse such horrible behaviour, right? Well, the networks started it. That’s right. In the 1958 NFL championship game, NBC needed a time-out because they had lost the signal. They needed to buy time to get their equipment sorted out. So their sports statistician pretended to be a drunk fan and ran on the field. I love the media. Read More

If I were dictator…

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Not only would I use national resources to make movies and music, and name the days of the week and months of the year after my family (as I have no doubt mentioned before), but I would eliminate cell phones. But my real insight, the reason for this post, comes to me from a terrible Bruce Campbell movie (and really, what insights don’t come from Bruce Campbell movies?): if I were dictator I would chop off the thumbs of all my enemies. Think about it, what can you do if you don’t have thumbs? You can’t rebel. Read More


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Originally, I was going to put my movie reviews here. I didn’t. I put them on facebook, etc. as usual. And I did a half-assed job, as usual. But I do want to mention that I loved it, and that I am going again next year. Oh yeah, and I don’t think it’s too corporate. Oh yeah, and I can’t really think of anything better to do with my time, tehe. I saw 12 movies, in this order: Sin Tregua (8/10) Detroit Metal City (6/10) The Sky Crawlers (6/10) Sauna (9/10) Vinyan (5/10) Hunger (10/10) Blood Trail (7/10) Harvard Beats Read More

Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon this

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But here is more proof (if you needed it) that the world is full of (culture) idiots: http://www.tv.com/shows/topshows.html?pop=1&tag=subnav;top_shows According to this, Heroes is the greatest TV show of all time. It isn’t one of the best of its era. But Prison Break at number 2 is the real insult. At least Heroes isn’t entirely brainless. Prison Break doesn’t even qualify as mediocre. I write this while taking a brief break from attending TIFF. What does that make me? A giant snob, me thinks. Read More


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I don’t like being 27. What have I done with my life? I guess I was on some kind of pace up until I graduated from graduate school. Since then things have slowed down and I don’t feel like I’m moving forwards. I guess this happens when you undertake something you’re unsure of. Still, it is annoying to feel doubt. Once I knew what I was doing. Now, not so much. Read More