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The Toronto Sports Media Strikes Again

Our beloved sports media (specifically the Star) cannot hold a consistent position on anything, it seems. Obviously, the best example of this is Damien Cox and his endlessly wavering positions on everything. (Currently, this fixation is the Bettman-Balsillie affair: one day Bettman and the league are in the right, the next Balsillie is, and so on.)

In the winter, the Star called for the trading of Roy Halladay. This only made perfect sense, since Halladay likes it here and he’s the Jays’ best player. As the Star and its cohorts proved with Sundin, if a player likes it here and is a team’s standout best player, he must sacrifice himself for the good of the team; he must get himself traded. If he doesn’t, he will be lynched. After they chased Sundin out, that left only Halladay and Bosh. They have tried it with both, though the Raps are apparently not popular enough to get that full version of the treatment.

Now, back to the point. This winter, the Star advocated that the Jays must trade Halladay, both for their own good and his own good. Halladay somehow deserves to be on a better team (even though only 8 teams make it to the playoffs each year) and the Jays need to use Halladay to become better. A win-win.

Now that the Jays are, at this moment, the #1 team in the AL, and the sometimes #1 team in the majors, their tone has changed completely. Now, the Jays must do everything to re-sign Halladay. Immediately! Even though Ricciardi isn’t going to talk to him about it until after the season ends.

What brought about this change of opinion? A month and a half of way-better-than-expected baseball. They are so fickle. One can bet that if the Jays collapse and don’t make the playoffs – and this should be expected as the Jays don’t really have the team to succeed…as much as I hope they do – the Star will again change its position to “Trade Halladay! Trade Halladay! Oh my god trade Halladay now! Toronto doesn’t deserve sports stars!” yet again.

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