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2009 Toronto Drafts

So I figured I’d share my opinions about the Drafts but suddenly it was early July and I hadn’t done anything yet. Oops.

Maple Leafs:

It could have been better and it could have been worse. Burke should have kept his mouth shut. I still believe he could have maneuvered to get a top 3 pick, had he not been so typically Burke. That being said, the Leafs still got a top 10 pick and 2 2nd rounders. I worry about Kadri, as I am all about consistency, however the Leafs needed a proper forward prospect, and finally (I hope I hope I hope) they have one.

His OHL numbers are by no means outstanding. We shouldn’t expect him to be the sole future of the team. The Leafs shouldn’t be signing free agents right now, they should be creating conditions where tanking is the only option. Ah well. Since I know nothing about the other players the Leafs drafted, the only thing I can conclude is that the Leafs still don’t have very good European scouts (or Burke is now Europhobic).

As to going off the board to draft a fighter:
That’s so retarded. They’re a dime a dozen. You shouldn’t waste a pick on them.

Toronto Raptors:

We had one pick. I hate that. We gave up our other picks in trades I liked at the time, however. I briefly loved Minny’s 4 first-rounders, but since it’s a supposedly shitty draft, that doesn’t matter. People seem to be of two completely different minds about DeRozan. Though I admire his reason for going pro so early, I still don’t like drafting a freshman. Further, I don’t like “raw” players. The rawer the player, the bigger the risk, in my mind. In a weak draft like this, I guess you just hope for the best. This kid seems like he’s all potential. Sometimes (often?) potential means shit. I am not optimistic about this guy. Please surprise me, Cough Syrup (his new nickname).

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