90s Movies

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Again I need to warn you about my ratings. In many cases the one and only time I watched these films was in high school, when I was far less discerning. In other cases, I really liked a movie then, then watched it 5 to 10 years later and saw that it was mediocre or bad and got embarrassed and my rating is often a reaction to that feeling, meaning I am subsequently harder on a film if I liked it the first time and I now see it for what it is. I have added asterisks to movies I don’t Read More


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Despite all the roid problems, the Olympics are one of the few things I am not cynical about. I like that. I try to maintain that “faith,” if you will. I thoroughly enjoyed these Olympics, as I usually do, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the ridiculous feats. Personally, I think 18 medals is very respectable given the size of our population and our general lack of interest in amateur sports outside of hockey for most of the year. I can’t help being happy and proud. The latter is, um, a strange feeling. In other news, I went to Wild Water Read More

Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

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The Harlem Children’s Zone estimates that it takes $5000 per child per year to bring these kids out of their situation and up to the level of potential college students. The US annual budget was $2.979 trillion in 2008, and the portion spent on the military was 21% at minimum, that’s over $625 billion dollars and that doesn’t include another $190 billion ear-marked for the “war on terror.” In 2004, there were 53.2 million school-age (5-17) children in the US. That’s $266 billion dollars for all the kids in the US to get charter-school level education, if and only if Read More

Palin is coming to Hamilton

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I don’t know why she’s coming to Hamilton. I can guess. Supposedly she’s coming to speak at a hospital fundraiser. I figure she’s really coming because she’s already spoken everywhere in the US that would take her. Though she is probably the dumbest politician I have ever seen (dumber than Quale, and that’s saying something), I don’t worry about her being elected President. Here’s why: A number of years ago I made bets with some fellow grad students. At the time, John Kerry and George Bush were vying to see who would become President. Most of my colleagues believed that Read More

80s Movie Lists

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I’ve discovered that I am not always a good judge of 80s movies, as many of them I saw as a kid and they hold some kind of importance for me, whether they are any good or not. When I have rewatched them, the rating has no doubt dropped. But in many cases I haven’t seen these movies since I was in my mid-teens at the very latest, meaning that the ratings might not be so trustworthy. But how can I change the rating if I haven’t seen the movie in over a decade? Read More