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My family has some odd traditions, like any family. One of them is this: Though my step-dad buys groceries nearly every Saturday morning without fail (except in the summer time), he does not buy milk when he shops. We have always bought our milk from the local convenience store, ever since we moved into their current house. This has continued to this day. It used to be my brother’s and my chore to buy the milk. My step-dad didn’t want to have to make that trip too, understandably, and my mom did lots of other things. They reasoned, fairly enough, Read More

Norris Trophy

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I can’t say I’m super happy with the nominees this year, though I rarely get a chance to see either Keith or Doughty play. Having only watched Weber at the Olympics and this series with Chicago, I really don’t know enough, but at the Olympics I thought he was by far the best D (though the commentators kept telling me it was Doughty…I think they were a little too awed by his age, kind of like film critics get awed by the Afghan film industry’s existence…) and I thought he was, along with Toews, the best Canadian player. I did Read More


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So ages ago I downloaded to free Wilco concerts for donating to a charity. Since I am too lazy to add them to Rateyour music, this is what I think: Live at HMV Forum, London 11-04-09: 6, though there are some good performances on here it’s hard to understand why they released a show with so many technical errors and band mistakes. It doesn’t compare to the official live albums or to the other free show. Live at Keyspan Park Brooklyn, NY 02-13-09: 8, This is generally a pretty good show. It is a lot better than the London one. Read More

NBA Playoff Predictions

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I forgot to do them. If we could all go back in time, I’m sure they would be: East: 1st Round: Cleveland 4, Chicago 0 Magic 4, Charlotte 1 Boston 4, Miami 3 Atlanta 4, Milwaukee 3 2nd Round: Cleveland 4, Atlanta 2 Magic 4, Boston 2 3rd Round: Cleveland 4, Magic 2 West: 1st Round: Lakers 4, Thunder 1 Dallas 4, San Antonio 3 Phoenix 4, Portland 2 Denver 4, Utah 3 2nd Round: Lakers 4, Denver 3 Dallas 4, Phoenix 3 3rd Round: Lakers 4, Dallas 1 Final: Cleveland 4, Lakers 2 But as you can see from Read More

What was the worst place you’ve traveled to?

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Ooh, that’s a toughy. There aren’t too many bad places. Even if the place appears lame in some way shape or form it is still new. But I think the worst one would probably be Atikokan. View Larger Map Only because I was there at lunch time, on a weekday no less, and nothing was open. And there were tons of people out on the street corners staring at me because I was a stranger. Read More

NHL Playoff Predictions

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The East: Washington vs. NYR: Washington in 5 Washington has become the best team in the Eastern Conference, without a lot of people noticing. Their only weakness appears to be in goal. If Lundqvist stands on his head, maybe…maybe the Rangers can win. But if he doesn’t, then it will be a short series. Philadelphia vs. Buffalo: Buffalo in 7 I think the Sabres take this unless Miller plays like shit. Yes, the Flyers score a ton, but they have backed into the playoffs, they are hurt and the Sabres have been scoring more recently. Buffalo is 8-1-1 in its Read More

Do you have any scars on your body? If so, how’d you get them?

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I have a few. The most obvious one is on my stomach. It’s my appy scar. I have one faint one on my right forearm which is from when I fell on some rocks at 12 or 13. There’s one between my left index and middle fingers which has possibly my best story ever behind it. I have a tiny one on my forehead from when I was a little kid and ran head first into some bricks (yes, I know, it explains a lot). Read More

Popper and existentialism

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It seems strange that Popper slags existentialism in Conjectures and Refutations because he seems sort of existential himself. He is fairly dismissive of “essentialism” and he is very much concerned with actual issues, as opposed to theoretical issues. His political ideas seem very existential, in that they are focused on actual institutions and actual people, rather than ideal types. Maybe he is slagging the Sartre / Heidegger existentialism, and not the more sensible versions. Read More


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I think the Raptors are fucked. If they lose today, I’m ready to call the season. I think if they lose to the Sixers then the chances of them making the playoffs get significantly worse, with Chicago winning games and getting healthier. But even if they make the playoffs, does Bosh want to play for a team that struggled this hard to make the playoffs? I used to be the only guy I knew who thought there was a good chance Bosh would stick around. I would argue it with anyone. But that was during their good stretch. The longer Read More

The Campaign to Fire Brian Burke: College Players

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The Leafs have signed yet another US College star. As much as I appreciate this new direction, the odds of success are significantly lower than the draft. I understand the Leafs must take this approach as, for some reason, they don’t appear to have any draft picks…well, any first rounders. My concern is that the Leafs are going to be a playoff team by the year they do finally have a first round draft pick. They will then re-enter that cycle of mediocrity-to-above-average-back-to-mediocrity hockey that they have played for most of their cup-less drought. The problem for the Leafs has Read More