Maria Stuarda

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So I went to the Canadian Opera Company yesterday for the first time. The closest thing I’ve come previously is a serious musical, way back when I was like 12: Les Miz. I have since seen other musicals, but I don’t think they count (Evil Dead). The theatre, named after some no doubt famous opera patron, is quite nice. It is one of these modern, maximizing sight-lines and acoustics type places. From our seats on the second highest level to the extreme stage left, we could see all sorts of things that people in the orchestra section couldn’t. Of course Read More

The Campaign to Fire Brian Burke: Mike Cammalleri

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I’m glad the Leafs didn’t break the bank on Cammalleri last summer even though he’s lighting it up for the Habs this playoff. I’m more glad now that I know that we had him. Well, we didn’t have him. We had his pick. The Leafs might not have picked him, but it is one of the endless pieces of evidence against trading draft picks for veterans. Because on March 13th, 2001 (i.e. as the Leafs were beginning yet another furtive playoff run and trading away all their picks for players, as per usual) the Leafs traded Adam Mair and a Read More

The Ocean

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I have a strong and deep desire to go to the ocean. I haven’t been in over two years. I need the sea. I need it. I can’t explain why. Something about the expanse. Something about feeling like I’m at the end of the world. I need to go to the ocean. Maybe I need to live next to one. Maybe I should seriously consider that once I actually can pick where I want to live based on things beyond economy. Read More

Sports People don’t often seem to get “stats”

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Yes, they sort of understand them in the sense that they know what a good one is and what a bad one is, but they regularly mistake the concepts. Take, for example, +/-. Right now, CBC is telling us that Marleau / Thornton / Heatley are a collective -18 for the playoffs. This makes no sense. Why? Because +/- is a collective stat! It is for all players on the ice at a given time. My guess is that it is something like they are all -6 for the playoffs and CBC is just adding them up, which makes no Read More


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So, we just got our new students at work. We get students every summer. They help us out. It is a good thing. Some of them have worked with us before, others not. Sometime last week (I don’t remember what day) one of the new students said hello to me as if she knew me. I couldn’t place her. I figured she must have helped my department a day or two last summer. I really had no idea who she was but I figured that was a reasonable explanation. I think I smiled back a little (I can’t see my Read More

New Predictions and Conn Smythe Watch

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I have only one team left in the NHL and I’m doing slightly better with my original predictions in the NBA (2 teams out of 4), but I figure I’ll start over again. NBA: Lakers 4, Suns 2 (but I really, really, really want the Suns to win) Boston 4, Orlando 3 (I’m starting to think the Celtics are going to repeat) Cannot call the final. Haven’t seen enough of either team (and I’m doing so well) NHL: Philly 4, Montreal 3 (Halak will be human, I am convinced. Yes, I will eat my words if he remains superhuman.) Chicago Read More

Popper on Economics

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If I weren’t so damn lazy, I would apply Popper’s ideas on the nature of science to the “science” of economics and show just exactly why we’re so fucked economically right now: Economics is not a science in the sense that physics, or biology, or chemistry is (as common sense should tell us) and we must stop treating economists as if they can predict things like physicists, biologists, chemists. But I’m lazy, so I won’t do it. At least not yet. Someone should though. Because Popper applied to these folks would be pretty awesome. Read More

What was your worst dating experience ever? Yes I want details :op

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Um, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a terrible date. I think I’ve probably given a girl or two a terrible date experience but I have never gone away from something thinking “that was terrible.” I did have one which was totally utterly pointless because there was no reason for me to be there. But it wasn’t like it was painfully awkward or anything. The girl was a hip-hop-listening business student. I did sort of ask myself, “how did this happen exactly?” Another time I tried to date this girl who a friend assured me was “gorgeous” (I have Read More

Noah’s Ark

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4,800-year-old wood on Mount Ararat is clearly the remnants of some gigantic boat which contained two of every animal during a flood of the entire world. Clearly. There can be no other accounting for it. These people have obviously never heard of Occam’s Razor. Occam’s Razor tells us that this wood is more than likely a house, or a barn, or other structure, rather than a gigantic boat which contained every animal in existence during a flood which covered the entire world. What about the llamas? Didn’t anyone think of the llamas? Read More

The Campaign to Fire Brian Burke: What do the Leafs need to do to create a winning club?

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I think first things first, someone needs to buy MLSE, because I don’t think a pension plan has any interest in championships. For me the issue isn’t a winning team necessarily, as the Leafs have had a winning team in the past. The issue is centred wholly around championships and the potential to win one nearly every year, like the NHL’s benchmark franchise, your Detroit Red Wings, or like the Pens might conceivably be now that they may be headed to their third straight final. In order to achieve this, and I can’t stress this enough, the Leafs need draft Read More