Gaspe Day 2: Saturday August 7

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12PM? 1 PM?

3 hour hike. 1 roll of film. 282 metres? + a tower. Took the roundabout way to the tower (clockwise, most appear to go counter-clockwise). Did the full loop but it is a less extreme climb.

6.5 km I think. I need to drink more water. I am going over to the south side. I have to drive because to hike over would have taken all day and I probably wouldn’t have made it back by nightfall. From here to Cap Gaspe it is 9.2 km. So I take that back. I would make it back but I would be done and I would have no lunch.

I’m [illegible] though. It’s busy here and it looks like this is the less busy part.

The next hike looks easy.

It’s not very hot here, except in the sun. I was cool most of the hike. [Illegible] think I had enough water, which I’m pretty sure was because I feel like I’ve got (very) minor heat exhaustion (what is the least bad version of heat stroke?): my face is dry and feels flushed.

The rest of the sites here have no clear boundaries. It’s very communal, which doesn’t suit me right now given a) my fear of French, b) my complete inability to light a fire last night. The best I can compare my (protected, private) site to is that park in Labrador (Pinware). But this one is considerably longer. Both had hedges to the sides though. Shit, water and I’m off again.

5:20 or 5:30 PM

Before I can say anything about the afternoon’s activities, I have to say one thing: I fucked up. I watched others back into their campsites and I thought: why can’t I? But I told myself whenever I was parking that I was too tired. This is and was true. I tried anyway (after 15.8 km hiking today + some other short walks) and I hit a post. The result: I scratched the car (no big deal in itself as dad and I have both done this repeatedly and he never fixes it) but I knocked off the back left mud-flap. It’s gone from two inches clearance (actually 2.5) to less than 2 cm! I think this is likely dangerous. The post is minorly dislodged. That’s all. It casts a shadow over the whole trip. Hold on: fire and [illegible]. It is about fucking time. Finally a real fire. So, I walked to the Cape. Beatitude but less staggeringly beautiful than the morning’s hike.

Oh yeah, for lunch I had a poutine! No Village Grec but still better than anything in Ontario. That brought me back. That was when all was right with the world. Now, it is not. Fuck. What am I going to do? Tomorrow is a Sunday!

A lot of people were headed out on the Cape hike (3 hour roundtrip?) at 3:30 or 4. I was sort of surprised. Late in the day for me to contemplate a hike.

I have to go to Gaspe tomorrow anyway to get more money (yes, almost all the way through the original money, thanks to few Essos and fewer with Speedpasses).

It’s funny here: sunny all day and now overcast. Last night it rained for like five minutes and and was totally clear thirty minutes later. It is the coast after all.

So many birds. So many birds.

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