2011, Politics, Society

The Bargain of a Lifetime

For only 39.6% of the popular vote, you get…

Tax cuts and increased government spending on things you don’t need! Jet planes! Assault vehicles! Riot cops in the country’s most populous city!

But wait! There’s more!

For calling while the population believed that elections were expensive relative to the annual government budget and while politicians campaigned against a budget that never happened instead of over the first contempt of parliament in Canadian history you also get:

  • More discredited supply-side economics!
  • Policies similar to those which helped cause Ireland’s current financial crisis!
  • Fewer of the laws which helped Canada weather the sub-prime mortgage crisis better than other countries!
  • More white collar corruption!
  • More of the telecom oligopoly!
  • More “Christianity”! (But minus the Beatitudes, which are missing from this particular Bible!)
  • More criminalization and less harm-reduction with regard drugs!
  • Recriminalized gay marriage!
  • Recriminalized abortion!
  • More soldiers!
  • More fighter planes!
  • More ships!
  • More record-setting mass arrests!
  • More prisons despite all evidence they don’t work as a deterrent!
  • Even more arrests!
  • More minimum sentences!
  • More children convicted for life!
  • Less freedom of information!
  • Less transparency!
  • More secrecy!
  • More media bunkers!
  • More contempt of parliament!
  • More arbitrary prorogues!
  • More Conservative Senators!
  • More talk of abolishing the Senate while appointmenting more Senators!
  • More moralizing interventions in far away countries we have nothing do with instead of peacekeeping operations to prevent genocides!
  • More cultural censorship!
  • Less cultural funding!
  • Less academic funding!
  • And much, much more!

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