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The Campaign to Fire Brian Burke: 2009 Free Agency

Ignoring the players he let go…

Tim Stapleton and Kubina to the Thrashers for Exelby and Colint Stuart:

Stapleton lit up for Atlanta’s AHL team for a while but has done nothing beyond that. Kubina had a decent year for Atlanta and then signed with TB again. Exelby did nothing for us really. Now he is in the AHL! Colin Stuart never played for the Leafs.

Can we say ‘ouch’? Bad, bad deal.

Signed Orr to a 4 year deal:

I shouldn’t have to say anything about that. But for those of you who like players like Orr: why sign someone like that to a long-term deal? It’s not like there are only a few hockey fighters.

Komisarek was signed for five years:

This is certainly the worst contract of the year. As Komisarek, without Markov to cover for him, was revealed as a guy with little hockey sense – whether hurt or healthy – despite his considerable gifts. He was the Leafs’ 6th D last season. He is now an unmovable contract (until Burke can find someone to take him, which is always possible).

Ouch, ouch ouch.

Re-signed Grabovski:


Signed Tim Brent:

So what?!

Signed Ben Ondrus:

So what?!

Signed Beauchemin:

I have to say I thought he was fine for the Leafs, albeit inconsistent. He had some great games and some bad ones. At least he was significantly better than Komisarek. But I think the trade that moved him was pretty good too so I am happy.

Signed Rosehill:

So what?!

Signed Ryan Hamilton:

So he could play in the AHL.

Signed Richard Greenop:

So he could play in the ECHL!

Signed the Monster:

That has turned out awfully well. I hope he is a decent backup. I’m pretty sure he is cheap.

Signed Wallin:

A big deal at the time. He is now in Finland.

Traded the aforementioned Colin Stuart, Stralman and a 2012 7th rounder to the Flames for Wayne “not Keith” Primeau and a second rounder this year, pick used on Brandon Saad:

If we take the team which gets the best player in a trade approach – one that I generally disagree with – clearly Calgary wins this (except for the fact that they then traded Stralman).

But even without taking that approach, the fact is that, despite the ugly minus (he does play for a bad team) Stralman is clearly better than Primeau. Why trade a potential top 4 D, a minor leaguer and a pick for a 4th liner and a better pick? It makes no sense.

This trade is baaaaaad, no matter whether Stralman plays in Europe this season or signs with a NHL team.

Traded Pogge to the Ducks for Dennis Robertson:

It was probably a good idea to move Pogge. I guess by this time it seemed obvious to most (maybe not me) that he wasn’t going to even be a backup in the NHL. But who knows what we got back.

Signed Joey McDonald:

Made the subsequent season slightly less bad.

Traded the the pick that became the aforementioned Brandon Saad and a third rounder this year, Michael Paliotta was picked, for the pick that became Jared Knight, which was then packaged as part of the Kessel deal.

What? Seriously, a second and a third for a second? What? What? Seriously, what?

Draw your own conclusions.

I kid, I kid. Can we seriously like the summer of 2009 as Leafs fans?

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