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If I Could do it Again, I Would do it All Over You by Caravan (1970 Decca)

Would these guys ever be good if they just had a vocalist… okay and a producer.

The band doesn’t necessarily have the chops of some prog rock bands but they got a much better sense of groove than most British prog groups and they also write hooks (who the fuck knew?). The biggest problem is that they lack a┬ácharismatic┬ásinger (just like the Soft Machine, only the Soft Machine were such a good band in the beginning that it didn’t matter). The title track, which is gold, could have maybe been a serious hit hat they a real singer, instead of the “I’m exceeding my very limited range” Canterbury Scene thing they have going on.

The other drawback is the production (which, to their credit, they acknowledge in the liner notes). It is far more obvious with the bonus tracks attached (which were with a producer) which almost all sound way better. Apparently they worked with a producer the next time out so I am now eager to hear that.

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