Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Maverick 1998)

Categories: 1998 and Music.

It is befitting of a Tarantino knock off (albeit a very good one) that its soundtrack is also a Tarantino knock off. The problem is that it’s a transparent Tarantino knock off and, more importantly, that it lacks the main quality of most Tarantino soundtracks: the obscurity. Yes, there is some relatively obscure stuff here, but on most Tarantino soundtracks most if not all of the music (save usually for one old-timey radio hit) is obscure. This isn’t the case here. It’s also a little more stylistically coherent which, again, is something that a Tarantino soundtrack usually isn’t. So it’s a mediocre knock-off compared to the film, but it’s still entertaining. I don’t like the dialogue sampling whether from a Tarantino film or anything else but as these things go it’s fine.

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