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The Larry Sanders Show

Having recently (re)watched The Larry Sanders Show:

I think The Larry Sanders Show is one of the great American television programs and one of the great comedy programs of all time. Though it was certainly not the first TV show to parody TV, nor was it the first show to be about talk shows, it was the first laugh-track-less American comedy I know of (setting the stage for the numerous laugh-track-less comedies we have now) and it was about as dark and outrageous as anything then on television. The acting is so good that you sort of forget it’s a comedy at times, and start thinking of these people as real people. I will forever think of Gary Shandling as Larry Sanders. Sorry Gary. It is an incredible thing and, as I mentioned, also very influential. There really isn’t anything else like it in the history of TV comedy. It belongs with MPFC, KITH and select few other shows (perhaps) as one of the greatest TV comedies of all-time.

This is not the post I wanted to write. I had a ton of ideas last week when I finished the show and I can’t remember any of them. Hopefully I will have much more in the way of actual insight when I try to write a chapter about this for my book on TV. If the above post tells me anything, I won’t.

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