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Uninhabited (2010 Bill Bennett)

This has a surprisingly large number of jumpy moments for a movie with an utterly non-scary premise; I don’t know about you, but those tropical islands, coral reefs and gorgeous sunsets really fucking creep me out. (The film was shot on a place called Masthead Island in the Great Barrier Reef which, you can imagine, is pretty damn pretty.)

But pretty much everything in this movie is stolen from something: the whole thing is pretty much a tropical island version of Blair Witch but it is a really sad state of affairs when a movie set on a tropical island is stealing from Lost Highway of all things.

As usual the protagonists behave in horror movie cliches instead of how people might actually act and the whole thing ends in one of those cliche “surprise” endings that are so common in horror movies now as to just make you laugh.

But, despite all this unoriginality, I jumped a little and there, and I had some hair stand up, so it wasn’t all bad.


  • Directed by Bill Bennett
  • Produced by Bill Bennett, Silvana Milat, Paul Quin
  • Written by Bill Bennett
  • Starring
    • Geraldine Hakewill as Beth
    • Henry James as Harry
    • Tasia Zalar as Coral
    • Bob Baines as Jackson
    • Billy Milionis as Spiro
    • Terry Siourounis as Elias
  • Music by Peter Miller
  • Cinematography by Lachlan Milne
  • Edited by Jason Ballantine
  • Release date: 14 May 2010 (Cannes)
  • Running time: 93 minutes
  • Country: Australia
  • Language: English

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