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The Campaign to Fire Dave Nonis: Franson and Kessel Extensions

I have been a little busy lately and for that I apologize. The primary reason for the business – as pertains to this blog – will be revealed shortly. (Ooh, the mystery!)

And I regret to say that my 2013-14 Leafs Preview will be late this year. I haven’t had the time but hopefully it will be done by this weekend. Hopefully.

In my business and the general fog created by attending TIFF, I was knocked out of my Hockey Off-Season Attentiveness and I missed the Franson extension. Oops.

The Leafs signed Franson to a one year deal for $2 mil and I cannot figure out how they can afford it. One day I was looking at their cap hit and they had $1.9 mil left. The next day they signed Raymond. Then somehow they fit in $2 mil for Franson

So something happened but because I was busy with film festivals and general non-sports things, I have no idea what it is. Somebody was moved or something.


Oh, they traded Colborne. It must be that and something else as Colborne’s $600,000 salary doesn’t quite add up.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. They now have 0 cap room. I am for one not sad to see Colbrone go as I had no idea why some Leafs fans thought he was going to amount to anything at this point. (Famous Last words? I doubt it: he’s 23 and he can’t score in the AHL.)

As for the Franson signing: this is what he wanted. The Leafs haven’t treated him all that well since they got Lombardi for him and you can see why he wants to either

  • force the Leafs to pay him more or
  • force the Leafs to deal him or let him go on a RFA offer sheet.

I understand that. I don’t blame him, rather I blame the various people who thought he should sit in the press-box for much of the 2011-12 season.

And now, finally, for the real news:

Kessel has reportedly been extended for 8 years at $64 million. Judging by salary alone, that makes Kessel tied for the 9th most valuable player in the league.

Now while I digest this ridiculousness I have a question for you: Is Kessel the 10th best player in the league? Not the 10th best winger. Not the 10th best forward. The 10th best player.


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