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The 2013-14 NHL 1/2 Season Awards

I’ve been sort of slacking this year, in terms of following Canada’s national winter sport, in part because I have a puppy. But here’s a really cursory and not very well-informed attempt to highlight the best players so far this year:

Automatic Awards NHL Awards

The easy part, if the season ended on December 29, 2013, the following people would win the automatic awards:


The Rocket Richard:

Alex Ovechkin: 30G, 11A for 41P in 37 games


The Oates (Most Assists):

Joe Thornton: 5G, 38A for 43P in 39 games


The Art Ross:

Sidney Crosby: 22G, 36A for 58P in 41 games


The King Clancy / Orr (Most Goals by a D):

Erik Karlsson: 10G, 27A for 37P in 41 games


The Bourque (Most Assists by a D):

Duncan Keith: 3G, 35A for 38P in 41 games


The Coffey (Most Points by a D):

Keith again



  • Anze Kopitar: 12G, 21A for 33P in 39 games
  • Chris Kunitz: 21G, 21A for 42P in 39 games


The Jennings:

  • Martin Jones: 8-1, .953 save %age, 1.31 GAA
  • Jonathan Quick: 10-5, .905 save %age, 2.35 GAA
  • Ben Scrivens: 7-4-4, .938 save %age, 1.76 GAA


The Crozier:

Scrivens again


Voted Awards

The Gretzky (The Best Player):

By point shares, this is Crosby, who has 8 so far.

By Goals Versus Threshold, a metric that certain people go by, it’s Alex Steen.

Though I know there are problems with point shares, I have an obvious problem with any metric that claims Alex Steen is a better player than Sidney Crosby, and this is coming from someone who is a Steen fan.


The Hart:


The Best Player on the Best Offensive Team in the NHL:

Patrick Kane: 23G, 30A for 53P in 41 games


The Best Player on the Best Defensive Team in the NHL:

Drew Doughty: 6G, 15A for 21P in 39 games


The Best Player on the Best Team in the NHL:

Alex Steen: 24G, 14A for 38P in 35 games


The Norris:

By Defensive Point Shares , which is the simplest way I know of evaluating a defenseman without watching any hockey games – though hardly the best – it’s Subban: 5G, 22A for 27P in 25:10 per game, in 40 games



Ryan Miller: 10-17-1, .927, 2.69


Most Valuable Goalie:

Tukka Rask: 20-8-2, .936, 1.89


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