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The Campaign to Fire Dave Nonis: Dion Phaneuf and the Liles Trade

On New Year’s Eve the Toronto Maple Leafs extended Dion Phaneuf. On Year’s Eve they traded John-Michael Liles and a prospect for Tim Gleason.

First, the Dion Phaneuf deal:

Dion Phaneuf, D, 28 – $7 million per year

The Leafs signed Phaneuf to a $49 million, 7 year deal. It’s a tiny raise, in sports terms. But, in terms of Cap hit, it’s a significant one: the only people making the same or more than Phaneuf, minus bonuses, are Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, Brian Campbell (ouch) and Drew Doughty.

How many of you think Phaneuf is as good as Suter or Weber? (Campbell is another story.) For Reference:

  • Campbell is 34
  • Doughty is 24
  • Phaneuf is 28
  • Suter is 28
  • Weber is 28

Campbell is the obvious, terrible exception but Suter and Weber started their (longer) deals at earlier ages than Phaneuf was the day he signed this.  Do any of us honestly believe the Phaneuf is a comparable player to anyone on this list in terms of value other than Campbell? Even if he is, he’s older than everyone but Campbell. How does this deal make any sense?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to your Future:

Your 2019-20 Maple Leafs: Phil Kessel, Dion Phaneuf and David Clarkson. I am so excited.

JM Liles for Dennis Robertson and Tim Gleason

The next day, Nonis traded Liles, who was a former top 4 D, but who was relegated to the minors – despite his salary discount for this current contract – due to his inconsistent play and his salary, and the Leafs’ 2011 6th round pick, Dennis Robertson, for Tim Gleason, Carolina’s 6th D, who doesn’t score and who is 313th in the NHL in blocked shots.

Gleason is making $4 million per season until 2016. Liles is making $3.875 million till then.

Yes, Gleason is younger. Is that why they gave up the prospect when it should have been straight up? I don’t even know what to say.

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