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The Campaign to Fire Dave Nonis: Bodie, Kontiola, Santorelli

I’ve been busy lately and didn’t have time to comment on the Leafs signings of last week. Well, now’s the time:

Maple Leafs Re-Sign Troy Bodie, RW, 29, $600,000 for one year

  • Last season: 3G, 7A for 10P, +5 in 47 games, 8:37 ATOI;
  • Career: 9G, 12A for 21P -10 in 154 games, 8:40 ATOI;
  • 82-game average: 5G, 7A for 11P, -5.

Bodie had one of his best seasons, despite only playing 47 games, and so I guess the price is right. But this is a minor, minor player as less than 9 minutes per game of ice time is usually representative of somewhere between the 3rd and 4th lines, depending upon the team.

Leafs Sign Petri Kontiola, C, 29, $1.1 mil for 1 year

  • 5A for 5P, +5 in 12 NHL games, 14:33 ATOI in 2007-08;
  • 48G, 90A for 138P in 205 KHL games since 2009.

Kontiola’s KHL numbers may look unimpressive, but it’s actually not as bad as it looks. Kontiola was 8th on his team in scoring in 2010, but led the team in scoring in 2011. He was 3rd in scoring on his team in 2012, 2013, and then led the team again in 2014. All this is to say that Kontiola was a good player in the K.

It’s impossible to know how he will translate to the NHL, but at this price it’s not much of a risk. (Though obviously it would be better to get a proven NHLer such as MacArthur or Raymond on such a deal.)

Leafs Sign Mike Santorelli, C, 28, $1.5 mil for 1 year

  • Last season: 10G, 18A for 28P, +10 in 49 games, 18:34 ATOI;
  • 43G, 44A for 87P, -43 in 257 games, 14:43 ATOI;
  • 82 game average: 14G, 14A for 28P, -14.

Santorelli is coming off the best season of his career, so he’s definitely due for a raise. Fortunately the Leafs are only on the hook for one year, so if he regresses to his career average – as he should – the deal won’t be that terrible.

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