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Spring 1990: So Glad You Made it (2012) by Grateful Dead

The standard line about this tour seems to be it was the best Dead tour in some time. I have no idea whether or not that’s true, because this is the second live album of theirs I have heard. This album is a sample from the box set, something I would only ever buy if I was a massive Deadhead. You can guess from the fact that this is my second Dead live album that I am not, in fact, a massive Deadhead.
I don’t know what the Dead tours were like in the ’80s, but if this is the best one they did in a while, I feel like they must have been pretty weak. It’s not that the performances are weak – they are impassioned and they feature the usual seemingly telepathic interplay between the musicians. But I just can’t shake those Terrible ’80s Keyboards and there is even an appearance of Terrible ’80s Drums. And I hate that stuff. I mean, I hate it. For me it significantly weakens what is otherwise a pretty strong collection of performances.

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