1994, Music

Granados: Danzas espanolas (1994) by Angela Hewitt

I love Keith Jarrett, and I want to believe that his “improvised” sets from the mid ’70s on are indeed spontaneously conceived, but listening to these dances, I detect at the very least the inspiration for (to get snobby) the harmonic language of The Koln Concert at the very least, in two of these. This actually doesn’t make me respect Jarrett any less. It just makes me admire Granados all the more. Because honestly I think, had I not listened to Jarrett, I would have liked the Goyescas a lot more, but I have a great respect for anyone who anticipates the future, and I think these dances are incredible in that regard.
The other two pieces are excerpts, one from his “Laments” I believe, and one piece that is usually played with the Goyescas. The star is clearly the dances. Incredible stuff.

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