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Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011, John Pogue)

I thought I had seen the original but I was just getting it confused with some other “Stuck in a building, being chased by rabid humans” movies and, well, I’ve seen [Rec], so I basically have seen the original. (The implication is that the original Quarantine is just a [Rec] rip-off.)

This is all kinds of stupid. Aside from following the usual cliches of this now-overdone genre, the movie has some serious lapses of logic, the two most annoying being

  • how they apparently can’t leave this “locked down” terminal, even though there’s a jetway to the outside right there – I’m totally buying an electronic lock on the door at the end of the jetway, really
  • and how, when the power in the terminal is shut off – for no apparent reason I might add – the power in the plane goes off too, even though, you know, it’s not part of the terminal building because, um, it’s a plane.

Those are just the two worst (or most noticeable) of a whole bunch of idiotic moments.

I haven’t yet found my way to watching the [Rec] sequels (one of which is at TIFF for 2014), but I sure hope they’re better than this. (Who am I kidding? They are more than likely significantly better, even if we didn’t need them.)


  • Directed by John Pogue
  • Produced by Doug Davison, Roy Lee, Sergio Aguero, Marc Brienstock
  • Screenplay by John Pogue
  • Starring:
    • Mercedes Mason as Jenny
    • Mattie Liptak as George
    • Josh Cooke as Henry
    • Noree Victoria as Shilah Washington
    • Ignacio Serricchio as Ed Ramirez
    • Phillip Devona as Niall Britz
    • Julie Gribble as Susan Britz
    • Tyler Kunkle as Hvorst
    • Erin Aine Smith as Nicca
    • Sandra Lafferty as Louise Tredwell
    • Lamar Stewart as Preston
    • Tom Thon as Doc Stevens
    • Lynn Cole as Bev Stevens
    • Bre Blair as Paula
    • George Back as Ralph Bundt
    • John Curran as Captain Forrest
    • Andrew Benator as Willsy
    • Jason Benjamin as CDC #1
    • Beau Turpin as CDC #2
    • Neko Parham as CDC #3
    • Judd Lormand as Sylvester
    • Blake Mason as Lee Blake
  • Cinematography by Matthew Irving
  • Edited by William Yeh
  • Production companies: Third Street Pictures, RCR Media Group, Stage 6 films, Vertigo Entertainment, Andale Pictures
  • Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Release date: June 17, 2011
  • Running time: 86 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

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