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2015 NBA 1/2 Season Awards

It’s about mid-season in the NBA. Let’s take some stock of the awards races.

Best Player

Davis has regressed recently, but earlier in the year he was putting up a higher PER than anyone in NBA history. He’s dropped way down that list to 8th┬ábut he is still destroying the league and, Jesus Tapdancing Christ, he is only 21.

His Per 36: 24.2P, 10.5R, 2.9B, 1.7A, 1.5S.



As usual, we will do our silly little exercise where we remove the team’s MVP by WS -and not replace him! – and see what happens:

  • The Warriors without Curry: 24-14, they would get the 8th seed.
  • The Hawks without Teague: 28-18, they would be fine.
  • The Blazers without Lillard: 23-18, they would be fighting for the 8th seed but might get it depending on the breaks.
  • The Grizzlies without Gasol: 24-16, again fighting for that 8th seed.
  • The Mavs without Chandler: 22-19, wouldn’t make it as it stands.
  • The Rockets without Harden: 20-21, not only would they not make it but they would have a losing record. I think we have a winner!
James Harden this year:
  • Per 36: 26.5P, 6.7A, 1.9S, 5.7R, .8B
  • 26.6 PER (4th), .602 TS% (16th), 8.4 WS (1st)
Harden is also 1st in total points and PPG, 1st in free throws (made and attempts), 1st in offensive WS, 2nd in minutes played and shots, 4th in made shots and PER, and 4th in defensive WS!, 5th in threes attempted and steals, 6th in made threes and MPG, 7th in assists and SPG, 11th in APG, among other things.


Defensive Player of the Year – Big

Tim Duncan! At 38! Duncan is tied for first in defensive box plus minus – I can’t explain it, so just go here – and he is second in defensive rating.


Defensive Player of the Year – Guard

Tony Allen, as always.

(11th in defensive rating, behind 9 forwards and centres and two guards who are up there because of their strong team defense; 4th in DBPM behind centres and forwards).


Rookie of the Year

Nikolai Mirotic:

  • Per 36: 15.8P, 9.7R, 1.4B, 2.2A, 1.2S
  • 17.2 PER, .568 TS%, 2.8 WS

Sixth Man

This is a toughy right now. Brandan Wright would be my candidate as of today, but he has been significantly worse since he was traded from Dallas.


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