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The Campaign to Fire Dave Nonis: The Second Franson Trade

After not having any idea what to do with him for most of his tenure, the Maple Leafs have moved Cody Franson back to his original team. Let’s look at the trade.

Predators get:

Cody Franson, 27, D:

  • UFA
  • 20G, 95A for 115P, -24; 19:24 ATOI in 236 games for the Leafs
  • 82-game average: 7G, 29A for 36P


Mike Santorelli, 29, C:

  • UFA
  • 11G, 18A for 29P, +7; 14:57 ATOI in 57 games this year for the Leafs
  • 82-game average: 14G, 16A for 30P, -9; 14:46 ATOI


Leafs get:

Olli Jokinen, 36, C:

  • UFA
  • 3G, 3A for 6P, +2; 13:31 ATOI in 48 games for the Predators
  • 82-game average: 21G, 29A for 50P, -9; 18:16 ATOI


Brendan Leipsic, 20, C:

  • Entry level contract
  • 7G, 28A for 35P, +2 in 47 AHL games
  • 132G, 170A for 302P, +112 in 261 WHL games
  • WHL 82-game average: 41G, 53A for 95P, +35


1st Round Pick



The Leafs didn’t know what to do with Franson when they first stole him from Nashville. And they have ditzed around with his contract ever since. Now the inability to extend him earlier has come to be valuable if the Leafs do indeed plan to rebuild, as they have been hinting lately.

Santorelli was a depth forward signed for one year, and pretty much performing up to par. Both players were apparently not interested in staying around. (And, honestly, can you blame them?)

The Leafs get Jokinen, who is just about done as an NHL player, and who should probably retire when his season ends. He is a UFA and only an insane organization would extend him or re-sign him.

Leipsic is a 7.5D prospect, meaning he has high upside but is rather unlikely to live up to that potential, Hockey’s Future sees him as anywhere between a top 6 to a checker with hands. He was drafted in the 3rd round in 2012.

The pick, if it is Nashville’s original, will likely be in the 20s, given Nashville’s current position in the standings.

So the Leafs give up two UFAs in their late twenties for a UFA whose career is just about over, an okay prospect and the chance to have a second 1st round pick. This is fantastic.

Franson is a rental, and who knows whether he will re-sign with Nashville, especially given how likely he will get overpaid this summer by somebody. Santorelli is just a depth guy. For this, the Leafs get a guy who could potentially fill the top 6 and a chance at drafting either another top 6 forward or a top 4 D.

This is clearly a win and the first clear sign that the rebuild might be a serious project. Hooray.

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