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Does Simon Gagne Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

I missed that Gagne retired on the 15th. So here is my belated post. No, he doesn’t qualify for the Hall on points. Still writing this anyway.



  • 14 seasons, 10 quality
  • 291G, 310A for 601P, +129 in 822 games
  • 82-game average: 29G, 31A for 60P, +13
  • 3-year peak (’05-’08): 40G, 34A for 74P, +12
  • Possession (since ’07-’08): 50 CF%, -1 CF%Rel, 49.6 FF%, -1.7 FF%Rel
  • Playoffs: 37G, 22A for 59P, +7 in 109 games
  • Adjusted: 319G, 337A for 656P
  • Adjusted: 32G, 34A for 65P
  • Traded twice after his prime.


  • Scored 45 goals once, 40 goals twice, 30 goals four times, 25 goals five times, 20 goals seven times
  • Top 10 in Goals twice
  • Top 5 in GPG once, Top 10 twice
  • Tallied 40 assists once
  • Scored 70 points twice, 60 points four times, 50 points five times
  • Top 5 in Plus/Minus once, Top 10 twice
  • All Rookie, 2 All Star Games.

Great Teams:

  • Top 6 Forward on one Runner Up (’10 Flyers) and three Final Fours (’00, ’04 Flyers, ’11 Lightning), Injured on one Champion (’12 Kings);
  • Top 6? Forward on one Olympic Champion (’02 Canada);
  • Top 9? Forward on one World Cup Champion (’04 Canada);
  • Top 3 Forward on one World Championship Runner Up (”05 Canada);
  • Top 3 Forward on one WJC Runner Up (’99 Canada).

Hilariously, Gagne’s similarity scores (by PS) have him compared to Lanny (at 14 seasons) and Shutt (for career). I think that’s hilarious, more because it shows that maybe those two guys aren’t as rock solid Hall of Famers as we think, as I don’t think there’s anyone who believes that Gagne belongs. (PS is hardly perfect, though.)

Gagne had decent playoff and international success but was only ever a star player at the World Championships and Juniors. I really don’t think he’d have much of a case, even if he had made it to 700 points.

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