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Are All Men Pedophiles? (2013, Jan-Willem Breue)

Putting aside the sensationalist title, there are a lot of interesting things that are discussed in this film, that might make for an interesting documentary. For example: the evolutionary imperative for males to seek out younger females in order to insure procreation. (And there are numerous others.) But this is not that movie.

This is a 70 minute film that feels like it was edited – and the sound was recorded – in someone’s basement. It is horribly structured and feels, at times, like an apologia for the filmmaker. (I would not be surprised if the director or someone he knows personally has been accused of pedophilia. I am not saying that is true – I have not googled him – but it sure feels like he is trying to defend somebody.) Interviews are, at times, allowed to run entirely unedited. Things are repeated. Subjects are addressed and then dropped, as if they were chapters. (Remember, this movie is 70 minutes long, including credits.) The narrator/director has done something to his voice – either deliberately or by accident – that makes him hard to understand at times. And I could go on.

Let me be clear: there is something here that’s worth discussing, even if I personally do not think that there’s any truth to the title. (Personally, I have always liked older women and I have trouble with women ten years younger than me, let alone teenagers. But, to continue the aside, I am not every man, and, it’s entirely possible that evolution does not favour someone like me, which might help explain why I am both not attracted to younger women and also not particularly interested in having kids.) But whatever intelligent debate could happen around ages of consent in various countries, and whether or not it’s okay for teenagers to have sex with adults and vice versa… well, this film doesn’t help. It’s just a giant mess and seems far more born of a personal slight than any kind of intellectual pursuit, even if some of the interviewees have every interesting things to say.


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