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Indian War Whoop (1967) by The Holy Modal Rounders

I have not heard the first two albums, but, by all accounts, this one is the zaniest to date.
And zany it is, as the band gets as out there as any “popular music” band in the States at the time, rivaled only by the Mothers. (Of course, there is a little more going on in the Mothers’ music.)
I have to admire the sheer bravado; not only making extremely noisy, and extremely goofy, recordings – including recordings of traditional folk songs that are unrecognizable, but pairing it with some bizarre narrative (one the one side). It’s like a more modest version of Odgen’s Nut Gone Flake.
But it has dated rather poorly. “Freak outs” don’t sound so crazy any more. Some of the songs work really well, but some of it does feel as if they were just trying to be provocative.
That being said, it’s hard to be too hard on this, as few other bands were making music this insane in 1967.
Like a more folsky, goofier Incredible String Band. More social comment, too.


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