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Does Hedo Turkoglu Belong in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Obviously the answer is ‘no,’ but as usual, I want to have a look at his career anyway.


  • 15 seasons, 8? quality (by VORP)
  • 11,022 points, 3,971 boards, 299 blocks, 2,832 assists, 750 steals in 26,695 minutes over 997 games
  • 26.9 MPG
  • Per 36: 14.9P, 5,4R, .4B, 3.8A, 1S
  • .426 FG%, .384 3P%, .784FT%
  • 14.3 PER, 17.3 Assist % (7th all-time among forwards and centres, minimum 900 games), 63.3 Win Shares, .114 WS/48, 21.4 VORP
  • Playoffs:
    • 1059 points, 415 boards, 32 blocks, 287 assists, 81 steals in 2985 minutes over in 109 games
    • 27.4 MPG
    • Per 36: 12.8P, 5R, .4B, 3.5A, 1S
    • .403 FG%, .341 3P%, .751 FT%
    • 11.6 PER, 16.4 Assist %, 3.7 WS, .06 WS/48, 2 VORP
  • Traded four times in his prime.



  • Most Improved (’08)
  • Top 10 Defensive Player (by Defensive Rating) once (’04)
  • Top 10 in 3P% once
  • 2nd Team All Rookie.


Great Teams

  • 3rd best player on one Runner Up (’09 Magic), 6th Man on one Final Four (’02 Kings).

It’s pretty obvious that Turkoglu is the Best Turkish Player of All Time (it’s not really close, Memet Okur is the only competition). But beyond that, he’s notable for being a particularly adept ball-handler for his size. As Simmons once noted (I don’t remember where), a player of Turkoglu’s size and ball-handling ability would have destroyed the NBA in the ’60s. But he struggled with consistency outside of a few seasons where he was a really significant player, and was never good enough at anything to really be a star.

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