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Rust in Peace (1990) by Megadeth

I have listened to a fair amount of Metallica and so I guess that instantly puts me in a “hey, this doesn’t sound like Metallica?” mindset which isn’t helpful.
I feel like there is more of an influence on precision in this band, then the heaviness plus precision of some other bands. It’s a little too clean for me, I think. But that’s not to say there’s something wrong with it/I feel like, had I gotten into this early in my metal-listening career, I might have been a little more into it.
It’s clearly a well done record, despite my issues with Mustaine’s voice (I gather it’s an acquired taste) and his lyrics. Everything is very professional and they are awesome players. But there’s something missing here that’s only hinted at – and that’s variety and ambition. There are hints – such as the acoustic guitar break in the opening track – but there are only hints. I prefer my metal a little more diverse, and I feel like, this far into thrash, growing couldn’t hurt.
All of this is sounding really negative and I don’t mean it to. This is very well done. But if this is their best album, I’m not sure how interested I am in checking out the rest of their catalogue. Don’t think it’s for me.


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