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Iris (2014, Albert Maysles)

I struggle to view fashion as a true art. I don’t wear clothes so people will look at me or think about me. I wear clothes because of social convention and because I live in Canada.

But as I get older I recognize that a substation section of the population does view clothes as art. And some of these people have interesting things to say. One of these people is Iris Apfel, New York “style icon.”

She’s an interesting woman and I can see the appeal. The film around her is kind of directionless, like so many of these movies that follow their subject around attempting to give a portrait of the subject’s day-to-day life.

That being said, Iris is enough of a character that the film is not boring, even for someone like me, who doesn’t understand clothes-as-art and, when I’m at my most cynical, views fashion as an elitist method of differentiation us from them. (It certainly seems like Iris herself does not do this.)

Of more interest to people into fashion, I suspect.


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