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Okafor’s Law (2016, Omoni Oboli)

For the first two thirds of this film, it is a reasonably amusing Romantic Comedy – not my thing but effective and, for someone like me not familiar with Nollywood, a decent spin on the formula, despite a few sound issues. But the wheels come off in the third act, with not only a few major tonal shifts (and some violence!) but an ending that makes zero sense.


The problem is, the film starts setting itself up like an amusing morality play. It fully commits to this in the uneven third act, where the Casanova has to learn his lesson about prioritizing sex over everything else. But in the most confusing moment of the film, he doesn’t learn this but we don’t learn that he doesn’t learn this until the credits roll! It makes no sense!

In fairness to the filmmakers, this was shot in July, so maybe we saw an unfinished version. Still better than a lot of Hollywood formula Rom-Coms.


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