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The Log for Saturday October 1, 2016

What Did I Eat Today?

  • Breakfast: tea and yet more Harvest Crunch (smaller serving this time) in 1% milk, glass of tea
  • Lunch: piece of home lasagna from the other night, mcintosh
  • Afternoon: a large orange
  • Dinner: 3 small pieces of pizza (1 “Chicken Pesto” and 2 Hawaiian) and 1 1/2 and weird, churro-like cinnamon things


What I did for exercise

  • Very close to 20 minutes on the exercise bike
  • Walked to Pape, walked down the stairs at Pape, walked up the stairs at St. Andrew
  • Some shorter walks
  • I failed to walk up the stairs at my girlfriend’s place, 3 times


What I did with my life

  • I made a video for my other site
  • I did my laundry

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