2016, Daily Log, Personal

The Log for Saturday December 3, 2016

What I Ate

  • Brunch: biscuits with old cheddar and habernero jam with bacon; 2 glasses of tea and glass of juice
  • Afternoon: tortilla chips with salsa, couple ounces of whiskey
  • Dinner: schnitzel with warm potato salad; Karma Citra
  • After Dinner: half a bottle of Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge

What I Did for Exercise

  • Walked down and up 19 flights of stairs
  • Walked from Front and Spadina to College and Spadina, walked down half the stairs at Spadina, walked up half the stairs at St. George, jogged up the stairs at Queen’s Park

What I did with My Life

  • Worked on a client’s site
  • Recorded a podcast

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