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Reign in Blood (1986) by Slayer

Slayer has been on my list to listen to for years. But after listening to Megadeth and discovering I really don’t like them, I got worried that maybe the same thing would happen with Slayer.
No chance of that happening.

This is everything Thrash Metal should be in less than a half an hour. It’s loud, fast, brutal and well-played. I’m glad that they took a different approach than Metallica. This may not be as ambitious but it’s almost more effective.
I can imagine that people listening to this for the first time 30 years ago would have been inspired to go out and try to make something even heavier. So I suspect it’s been pretty influential, even though I don’t know metal well enough to know for sure.
Anyway, this is a classic. A near-perfect record and the epitome of the genre.


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