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The Bridge (2006, Eric Steel)

This is a devastating and deeply moving film about the people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge during 2004, when the film crew filmed the bridge 24 hours a day for the entire year. (Yes, that means you will see people die if you watch this movie.)

The project itself is rather incredible and unlike the moral High Horses that think this is some kind of snuff film, I appreciate the attempt by someone to go where no filmmaker had gone before. Suicide is something we don’t talk about enough, as is mental illness. Dismissing a film that confronts the viewer with this as a “snuff film” is lazy, unnecessarily self-righteous and willfully ignorant.

The film itself is incredibly devastating. It works particularly well because its subject (which I forgotten) is not made clear initially. It’s a reminder to those of us who haven’t known suicides, that suicide is an awful thing to do to the people you love, as much as it’s an awful thing to do to yourself.

The one problem I have with this film is the soundtrack, which lets the film down on at least three occasions, failing to hit the right emotional notes.


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