1992, Music

Honey’s Dead (1992) by The Jesus and Mary Chain

I should never read anything before I listen to a record, especially a record by a band I don’t love. I heard why they called it Honey’s Dead and suddenly my head was filled of dreams of reinvention. But no, it’s still very obviously The Jesus and Mary Chain. Only this time they’ve gone Madchester (I think).

I can’t say I love this band, nor do I love shoegaze (though I like it more than I used to), nor do I love Madchester. So I am not a person who can really assess this album fairly.
I will say that I don’t hate it like I used to hate this band. And I think diving into Madchester (or what have you) is much more daring than I’d like to believe. So I am grudgingly rating it higher than I want to.


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