1974, Music

The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage (1974) by Peter Hammill

This is a weird combination of what sounds like super eccentric singer-songwriter solo stuff and music that is basically Van Der Graaf Generator. It’s an odd mix that I would find less appealing if I didn’t like Hammill or VDGG so much.
It’s great that Hammill wrote so much so that even when the band was on hiatus he just had so much material. But one of the things I struggle with while listening to solo albums from the frontmen or songwriters of bands is when their solo music sounds too much like their band. That’s a weird problem to have, and it’s pretty nit-picky, Fortunately, I think I’m starting to get over it.

I like everything here, I think. I just think that the combination of music that sounds like it’s Hammill solo and the music that sounds like it’s sort of sub-VDGG makes for a weird combination.


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