After School Session (1957) by Chuck Berry

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Though it contains Berry’s patented guitar playing, which cemented the electric guitar in rock music for the rest of the century, and it contains a few of his early classics, it’s easy to view Berry’s debut as the least revolutionary of the debut albums from the first wave of rock and roll stars. Because, though there is plenty of rock and roll here, there’s also a lot of blues. In fact, Berry’s debut is far more rooted in the blues than the debuts of his contemporaries and this gives it a feel of being somewhat more conservative, 60 years later.
I think I’m probably wrong about that, as Berry’s particular version of rock and roll became the standard by which the genre was judged by. But though that aspect of it was indeed revolutionary, it’s the other tracks that sound to me a little more conservative than we’d expect and that’s why I feel like maybe – just maybe – it’s not quite the equal of its peers.
Still an absolute classic.
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