Rio (1982) by Duran Duran

Categories: 1982 and Music.

This is the kind of record where I need the virtues extolled to me. Unless some Duranx2 Evangelist tells me why this is good, I will never discover it on my own.

The title track and “Hungry Like the Wolf” are catchy, sure. The other songs aren’t particularly though. So that’s not good.
And the sound of this record is so clearly a pop version of more interesting music being made by other, less accessible bands: we have the funk obsession of post punk and the synthesizer obsession of sythpop, but this feels like music for people who don’t like either of those things – it’s far, far, far more catchy (and and loungey) than post punk and far more rock than synthpop. It’s a mystery to me why whitewashed version of post punk and synthpop would be appealing to anyone.


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