The Log for Friday May 12, 2017

Categories: 2017, Daily Log, and Personal.

What I Ate

  • Breakfast: peanut butter and jam on toast; glass of tea
  • Morning: 2 glasses of tea; apple
  • Lunch: 2 kielbasa, cheddar and tomato sandwiches on whole wheat with mayo and mustard; apple
  • Dinner: stromboli; fruit salad; BA RIS
  • Dessert: chocolate ice cream

What I Did for Exercise

  • Completed a 30 minute YouTube video on the exercise  bike
  • Walked to Ossington, walked down the stairs at Ossington, jogged up the stairs Sherbourne
  • Walked down the stairs at Sherbourne, walked up the escalator and then the stairs at Dufferin, walked to Dufferin Mall, walked down the stairs at Dufferin Mall, walked home from Dufferin Mall

What I Did with My Life

  • Went to work for a client
  • Had a conversation with a potential client


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