Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987) by The Cure

Categories: 1987 and Music.

This is a record with a couple of The Cure’s best singles and a few other decent songs and way too much other stuff. It’s crazy that Smith claims to have written another record worth of songs for this album. Isn’t it long enough already?

That’s my big complaint about this. I like some of it, but there’s just way too much here. It’s the kind of record that completely reinforces the old belief I used to have that The Cure were a singles band. There’s just not enough strong material here for me to want to listen to this all the way through. I get bored.
(Also, the bassline for “How Beautiful You Are” is so close to “Just Like Heaven” it makes it seem like they used the same bassline to write two different songs. I guess that’s cool…)

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