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Mag Earwhig! (1997) by Robert Pollard

This is the second GBV album I’ve ever heard and my impression is pretty much the same as the last one I listened to: although I believe that Pollard is an above average songwriter and though I should like the aesthetic, I just don’t care.

Pollard dumps out ridiculous amounts of material (the guy has released something like 45 albums in three decades, not including EPs or rarities) and I think he needs an editor (or a better impulse). Every GBV album (and, I assume, every solo album) is basically just what he’s written this quarter with seemingly no thought as to quality or coherence. (The existence of massive rarities compilations suggests he does actually curate his songs, but it’s hard to believe when listening to this record, or to the other I’ve heard.

To be fair to the earlier GBV, I’ve never heard the band before it was Pollard’s solo project, so maybe they were great prior to becoming a dictatorship.
But as this goes, I don’t like Pollard enough as a songwriter, and I don’t like the arrangements and performances enough to make up for the fact that I feel like Pollard brain-dumps out each record to really give a shit about this band.

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