There It Is (1972) by James Brown

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This is the first studio album of Brown’s that wasn’t a compilation that I’ve ever heard and I have no idea what to do with it.
This is Brown’s 38th studio album, which is insane. Brown’s output is just insane which is why most of us are just better off with the boxed set of singles. How does one view this record without having listening to at least some of those 37 previous records? how does one view this without a deep knowledge of where funk was in June of 1972. I don’t have the knowledge of the genre (beyond a superficial one) and I have not heard those albums. So all I have to go by is the music.

A couple of these tracks are what you would expect from early 70s James Brown: social (or sexual) funk featuring standout vocal performances from the man himself. But there are also a number of ballads, mostly about heroin but also about love. And for me, those generally work less well, as once you’ve heard many R&B ballads of the era, they all start to sound a little similar.
I can’t say whether this is a great James Brown record, in comparison to his others. But I can say that I’d rather just listen to his singles.


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