The Log for Saturday June 17, 2017

Categories: 2017, Daily Log, and Personal.

What I Ate

  • Morning: pineapple
  • “Brunch” ish: Zimbabwean meat pie, Thibetan dumplings, rhubarb tart, cod fritters, probably some other stuff
  • Afternoon: sweet potato fries, caesar salad, chicken wings, nachos (not many of each); 3 pints of Naughty Neighbour
  • Late dinner: chicken burger on toast; london porter
  • After dinner: I don’t know yet as I just finished

What I Did for Exercise

  • Walked to and from Wychwood Barns
  • Walked down the stairs at Ossington, jogged up the stairs St. George
  • Walked up and down the stairs in a bar, walked up the stairs at Varsity
  • Walked down the stairs at Varsity, walked down the stairs at St. George, jogged up the stairs at Ossington, walked home from Ossington

What I Did with my life

  • Went to a networking event
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