The Log for Saturday July 8, 2017

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What I Ate

  • Breakfast: panzanella “hash” with pancetta and fried eggs; 2 glasses of tea
  • Morning: mixed berry smoothie
  • Afternoon: maple butter tart
  • Dinner:
    • Amuse bouche:
      • oyster
      • head-cheese with radish and some other stuff on some kind of bread
      • cold smoked ham on bread
      • another oyster
      • perch with fennel and almonds
      • bass
    • Assemblage #6
    • Appetizers:
      • homemade bread and butter
      • chicken consomme with ravioli, asparagus and gizards
      • breast and leg of squab salad with strawberries, fried potatoes, bacon
      • Lake Superior white fish with lobster sauce and a bunch of other stuff I forget
    • black currant sorbet
    • Donkey Venom
    • Main:
      • pork chop with crispy skin, blue cheese potatoes, mushrooms, some other stuff
    • Dessert:
      • blue cheese and three other Quebec cheeses with grapes, apple and homemade bread
      • maple ice cream with strawberries
      • strawberry mousse cake
      • strawberries with maple pastry and chantilly cream
      • four homemade chocolates
    • 2012 Fullers Vintage

What I Did for Exercise

  • Walked to Exhibition, walked down and up and down and up the stairs at Exhibition station, walked around Liberty Village for an hour
  • Walked around a farm a little

What I Did with My Life

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